Taxi Driver 2 OST (SBS TV Drama)
    • Taxi Driver 2 OST (SBS TV Drama)

    Taxi Driver 2 OST (SBS TV Drama)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2023.05.08

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 2

    Weight: 16


    Taxi Driver 2 OST (SBS TV Drama)



    1. Fighter - 하현우 (국카스텐)

    2. 휴게소 - 카더가든

    3. Born this way - Zeenan

    4. 아름다운 밤 - 엔플라잉(N.Flying)

    5. 진심 - 강아솔

    6. Face to face - 강승윤

    7. I Can Hear You - 유미

    8. Get In The Fire - 임단우

    9. Pump - 나상진

    10. Balara - 김태환, 박세준

    11. Mental Ejection - 우지훈

    12. False Miracle - 황승필, 박세준

    13. Never Surrender - 나상진

    14. Their Own Way - 유희현, 박세준

    15. Twisted Choices - 우지훈

    16. Angel Of Death - 황승필, 박세준

    17. Titan Drums - 나윤식

    18. Goryeo Celadon - 김태환, 박세준

    19. Saint Sin - 송재경

    20. Salamat - 김태환, 박세준

    21. Whisper Of Satan - 유희현, 박세준


    1. The Tough - 나상진

    2. Bedtime Story - 김동혁, 최문석

    3. A Journey of Fire - 이 념

    4. Purple Night - 황승필, 박세준

    5. No More Stranger - 나윤식

    6. Human Addiction - 김태환, 박세준

    7. End Road - 우지훈, 박예찬

    8. Atomic Stranger - 송재경

    9. Plus Alpha - 김동혁

    10. DOGI DORYUNG - 김성율

    11. Seven Stars - 이 념

    12. Maybe Good - 김태환, 박세준

    13. Shoot Towards Tomorrow - 나상진

    14. Night Drive - 김동혁, 최문석

    15. Blue Mist - 우지훈

    16. The Final Attacker - 이 념

    17. Goot -김태환, 박세준

    18. Shanghai History - 송재경

    19. Move Foward - 나윤식

    20. 순백동산 - 임단우

    21. Entrance - 김동혁

    22. 충돌 - 김성율

    SBS Friday Night Drama 'Best Taxi 2' OST Album Officially Released

    Pre-sale starting April 14th!

    - The 2-CD OST album features a lineup of prestigious artists and immersive BGM!

    - The album also includes a lyric booklet with key scenes from the drama, photo cards of the rainbow heroes, stickers and wet pens with kitschy images unique to 'Byeonbae Taxi', and postcards and official posters.

    - Officially released on May 4 at online and offline stores nationwide

    "In a society where justice is missing, a phone call is all it takes"

    "Byeonbuk Taxi 2" is a private revenge drama in which a mysterious taxi company, Rainbow Taxi, and its driver, Kim Do-ki (played by Lee Jae-hoon), complete their revenge on behalf of an innocent victim, and as Season 2, which began its re-run amidst the immense popularity of Season 1, is approaching its grand finale with buzz and ratings surpassing the previous season, the "Byeonbuk Taxi" OST All Track album has been produced and will be available for pre-sale from the 14th.

    This OST album, which attracted attention for its ultra-luxury artist lineup, contains all the songs that were inserted into the drama's jewel-like scenes and BGM, allowing fans to listen to the songs that enhanced the drama's immersion in one place. In addition to the OST sung by eight renowned singers, including Ha Hyun-woo (Kookasten), Carder Garden, Zeenan, N.Flying, PupSol, Kang Seung-yoon, Yumi, and Lim Dan-woo, 35 scores were added, making a total of 43 songs on the two CDs.

    In addition, an 80-page booklet contains the famous scenes of the drama with lyrics, and a set of six photo cards of the members of "Rainbow Unsuo" and a top loader, as well as stickers with kitschy images unique to "Model Taxi," wet pens, postcards, and official posters are also included to enhance the collectible value.

    It will be officially released at online and offline stores nationwide from May 4, and is expected to be the best gift for fans who are sad to leave 'Byeonbae Taxi'.

    *Album Specifications

    - CD (2CD) : Contains a total of 43 songs from 'Best Taxi'

    - Booklet: 80P (contains OST lyrics and drama stills)

    - Postcard: 4 types (1SET) inserted

    - Photo card: Insert 1 random 1SET (6 types) out of 2SETs

    - Toploader: 1 type inserted

    - Sticker: 1 type inserted

    - What Pen: 1 type inserted

    - Grounded Poster: 1 type inserted


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