Summer Strike OST
    • Summer Strike OST

    Summer Strike OST

    Label: genie Music

    Release Date: 2023.02.01

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 11


    Summer Strike OST


    1. 프롬 (Fromm) - 느린 여름의 노래

    2. 더보이즈(THE BOYZ) - 여름밤

    3. 지효 (TWICE) - 이상한 하루

    4. ENHYPEN - ZERO MOMENT (Sung by 희승, 제이, 제이크) (Prod. tearliner)

    5. 황인혁 - 그립다

    6. 설아 (우주소녀) - 연인

    7. low-end project - I See You Like I See the Sun

    8. tearliner - Me, the Protagonist (Feat. Love X Stereo)

    9. JIYOON (ICHILLIN’) - 난 기다릴게요

    10. tearliner - We Swim in Dreams (Feat. 방재민)

    11. 금준현- 너에게 간다

    12. 경선 (바버렛츠) – Color

    Genie TV's original drama "I Don't Want to Do Anything," starring Kim Seol-hyun and Im Siwan, is releasing a physical album with Jong-young. The final OST album of "I Don't Want to Do Anything," which became a hot topic by releasing a total of 12 complete OST songs from November to December 27, includes "Strange Day," "Summer Night," "Slow Summer Song," "ZERO MOMENT," "I'll Wait," "We Swim in Dreams," "Me, the Protagonist," "Lover," "Going to You," "Color," "I Miss You," and "I See You Like I See the Sun.

    The OST of "I Don't Want to Do Anything" attracted attention by being exposed on the main pages of various online music sites whenever each part was released, and Jihyo (TWICE)'s "Strange Day," a song that comforts Summer (played by Kim Seolhyun) on a difficult day in the drama, even topped the iTunes song charts in many countries around the world.

    Prom's "Slow Summer Song," which supports "Summer" (played by Kim Seolhyun) who walks at her own pace; THE BOYZ's Jacob, who expresses a warm and wistful emotion; CURRENT, Q's "Summer Night"; and ENHYPEN's Heeseung and Jay, who depict intense events in Angok Village, Jake's "ZERO MOMENT," and Space Girl SeolA's "Lover," which empowered the full-fledged love line between Summer and DaeBeom, the voices of artists with unique and dIVErse tones that maximized the emotions, joy, and sadness of the drama will be compressed into the OST, making it a special gift for drama lovers.


    - CD 1ea

    - Photo Book (64p)

    -1 ground pOSTer

    - Photocard 2ea

    - 1 pOSTcard

    - 1 sticker


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