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SHOWNU X HYUNGWON - THE UNSEEN (KiT Version) (1st Mini Album)
  • SHOWNU X HYUNGWON - THE UNSEEN (KiT Version) (1st Mini Album)

SHOWNU X HYUNGWON - THE UNSEEN (KiT Version) (1st Mini Album)

Label: Starship Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.07.26

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SHOWNU X HYUNGWON  - THE UNSEEN (KiT Version) (1st Mini Album)


1. Love Me A Little 

2. Love Therapy

3. Roll With Me

4. Play Me

5. Slow Dance

SHINeeX Hyeongwon 1st Mini Album

MONSTA X's first unit project, SHINeeX The 1st Mini Album

- SHINee X Hyeongwon, the first unit album in 8 years since MONSTA X's debut..."Facing the many 'I's' in the eyes of others"

- SHINee's choreography produced by Hyungwon will hit this summer!...A music spectrum without limits

- 'Music+Performance+Visual' debut 8 years in the making... SHINee X Hyungwon's newest album shows off the greatest synergy ever!

MONSTA X's first unit, SHINee X Hyeongwon, presents the perfect sum.

'THE UNSEEN' is the first mini album by SHINee X Hyeongwon, who formed a unit eight years after their debut as MONSTA X, and it contains their special synergy in terms of vocals, performance, and visuals. Their respectIVE skills as main dancers, producers, and vocalists are revealed in a variety of ways in this unit, and their 'similar yet different' performances will provide a unique experience.

'THE UNSEEN' is about the gaze of SHINeeX, who faces the many 'I's' that exist in the gaze of others. The 'gaze' that changes depending on my words and actions in reality and the people who receIVE them, people interpret the 'me' and create another 'me'. Sometimes I get confused about what my real self is, but this album is a way for SHINeeX to show that my self in other people's eyes was also 'me', that the 'me' you love was also my self, and that I am willing to be the 'me' you love.

'Love Me A Little' - The You I See, The Me You See

People interpret 'me' and create another 'me' based on my words and actions in reality. What kind of face and person is 'me' to those who have a relationship with 'me', and how many 'me's' (my) exist in the world.

SHINeeX sings about the relationships we have with strangers, the faith and cONFidence in each other that exists within them. The process of turning these questions about relationships into exclamations is reinterpreted through the teamwork of the similarly different members of SHINeeX.

The title track, "Love Me A Little," depicts the conflict between the person you are and the person the other person wants you to be, and the two members' delicate and edgy vocals and performances leave a deep impression. In particular, Hyungwon produced the title track himself, expressing the addictIVE and colorful charm in SHINeeX Hyungwon's own style, and SHINee himself participated in the performance with the choreography team Freemind to further enhance the completeness.

The music video drIVEs the narratIVE through an endless series of encounters with different versions of "me". While conveying the charm of vivid reality and dreamy fantasy by depicting himself in various situations, the song also expresses the acceptance and rejection of infinite gazes from various perspectIVEs, and the endless longing and anguish for the true 'me' from various angles. The song depicts the process of finding my true self through the way others want me to be, the way I am now, the way I interact with many people in my daily life, and the way I am trapped in prejudice and misunderstanding.

The charming intersection of SHINeeX's vocals is present throughout the album. From "Love Therapy," a hybrid pop song that features the two's light and mournful vocals, to "Roll With Me," another self-written song with a unique composition, to "Play Me," which depicts their love-hate feelings for each other, to "Slow Dance," which features their sweet voices, the two have built their world more firmly with music that is different from that of MONSTA X.

Through this album, SHINeeX, the first unit of MONSTA X, a group that has been in existence for nine years, will showcase a spaciousness that is neither lacking nor overflowing. In addition to proving the musical spectrum that they have accumulated over the years, SHINeeX will charm global fans with their teamwork, delicate details, and spaciousness, as they expand their world and become more mature.

* Album Specifications

- ALBUM PACKAGE : 100 x 134 x 36 mm / 1 piece

- AiR - KiT : 60 x 60 x 13 mm / 1 piece

- TITLE & CREDIT CARD : 90 x 123 mm / 1 insert

- POST CARD : 90 x 123 mm / 1 insert

- PHOTOCARD : 85 x 119 mm / 20 insertions

- MEMBER PHOTOCARD : 62 x 88 mm / Insert 1 random out of 2 types

* pre-order benefits

- MEMBER PHOTOCARD : 62 x 88 mm / Insert 1 random 1 out of 2 types


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