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Shinhwa - 12th Album WE (Special Edition)
  • Shinhwa - 12th Album WE (Special Edition)

Shinhwa - 12th Album WE (Special Edition)

Label: CJ E&M

Release Date: 2015.03

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

WEight: 38


Shinhwa - 12th Album WE (Special Edition)


1. Alright

2. Cat

3. Sniper

4. White Shirts

5. Don't Cry

6. Ice Moon

7. GIVE it 2 Me

8. I'm in Love

9. Memory

10. Never GIVE Up

The one 'myth' that became 'us'...

The myth of myth (神話) continues...

On February 26, Shinhwa's 12th studio album

'We' is released!

A single 'Shinhwa' that became 'We'...

After 17 years, Shinhwa, a group that has become a 'legend' under the name of 'Shinhwa', is making a splendid return with their 12th album 'We'.

Shinhwa, who captivated the public with their sophisticated and classic charm through their 11th album 'The Classic' in 2013, will record another masterpiece by releasing their 12th album 'We', which will show their best performance beyond perfection in one year and nine months.

Shinhwa, who overwhelms the audience with their unique performances and trendy melodies on every album, worked long hours with a group of talented artists from home and abroad, including Andrew Jackson, London Noise, Kim Do-hyun, e.one, and Iconic Sounds, to create the most mythical music that only Shinhwa can present, and created the highest quality album that will once again show their 'one and only' presence in the music industry.

'Target', selected as the title track of the 12th album, is a collaboration between Andrew Jackson, who wrote 'This Love' and 'Venus', two of Shinhwa's most trophy-winning songs of all time, and London Noise, a songwriting team who participated in Shinhwa's first album, and is an electronic shuffle dance song with a strong beat and a sound reminiscent of a western movie.

In addition, Shinhwa, who has always delIVEred a first-of-its-kind performance for each album's title track, expressed the wild charm of a man targeting a woman in an understated yet powerful military dance with customized choreography focused on each member of each part.

In addition, the music video for the title track "Target" was directed by Han Samin, who has directed music videos for numerous artists, including Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, and Mouth," 2NE1's "I Miss You," BIGBANG's "BLUE," G-Dragon's "Pout," and IU's "1, 2, 3, 4. For the jacket photo, which captures their sexy yet strong charm, Kim Young-joon, one of the best photographers in Korea, who has worked with Kim Soo-hyun, Yoo Seung-ho, Son Ye-jin, IU, Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho, and others, participated, creating another 'luxury album' with experts representing the field for only the best album.

Through this album, the members of SHINee also made a new attempt to change their existing vocals and rap tones to suit the nature of the songs, and Eric, following the last album, rapped all the songs on this album, and Lee Minho wrote three songs, including 'Alright,' 'GIVE it 2 Me,' and 'I'm in Love,' and led the production of the entire album, demonstrating their musical talents to the fullest.

With the best staff and the best music, the band has maximized their capabilities to the fullest, and their 12th album 'We' is now here to prove the myth at its mOST mythical.

February 26, 2015.

'We', the 12th studio album of group mythology.

The one and only 'Shinhwa' that became 'We'... The myth of Shinhwa continues...

■ The creator of Shinhwa's 'This Love', 'Venus',

Andrew Jackson!

Andrew Jackson, the creator of Shinhwa's 'This Love' and 'Venus'!

'Mythic's' masterpiece!

The mOST 'Mythical', only for 'Mythical'

12th album title track 'Target'!

In 2012, 'Venus', the title track of the 10th album, announced the successful return of Shinhwa after four years with an addictIVE chorus in the electronica genre that was trending worldwide,

In 2013, the 11th album title track 'This Love', which showed Shinhwa's understated sexiness with a more classic charm and added Shinhwa's own color...

Andrew Jackson, who participated in the compositions of these two title songs, and composer team London Noise, who participated in this album for the first time, joined hands for Shinhwa's comeback after a year and nine months to create "Target," an electronic shuffle dance song with a strong beat.

Andrew Jackson, a top British composer who has worked with Britney Spears and Riona Lewis, first collaborated with Shinhwa on the title track of Shinhwa's 12th album, "Venus," in 2012, and then gave Shinhwa the title track of their 11th album, "This Love." This time, he participated in the title track of the 12th album, "Target," along with the composing team London Noise, and is expected to showcase the best collaboration with Shinhwa with the title songs of their last three albums.

'Target', an inTENse collaboration between 'Andrew Jackson & London Noise' for only 'Shinhwa'...

With powerful beats and colorful performances, it will be the most inTENse song in the history of 'Shinhwa' that will aim for many people's hearts...

■ The music video for 'Target' is a sensual and colorful video that captures the passionate love of six men!

Bigbang, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Lee Hae Yi, Lee Seung Hwan, etc.

Director Han Samin participated in the M/V!

The music video for Shinhwa's 12th album title track "Target" was directed by director Han Samin, who has directed music videos for Bigbang, G-Dragon, Taeyang, 2NE1, Lee Hae Yi, Lee Seung Hwan, and Lee Eun Mi.

As the title song is a song about the passionate love of six men who express their love for a woman as a 'target' and try to win her over, director Han Samin focused on the charisma and personality of each member to create a masculine atmosphere, and created a music video that captivates the eyes and ears with its sensual and sophisticated visuals.

The music video, which was shot over two days and three nights to achieve the best possible visuals, featured three studios, six individual sets with each member's charm, meaningful props, and artistic visuals of each member's own way of captivating a woman, adding visual appeal to the song and creating an eye-catching music video.

The sensational visuals are complemented by the colorful sound and stylish performance...

The music video of "Target" will catch everyone's atTENtion with the strong charm of "Myth" that targets one woman.

■ The best performance and choreography of the title song!

The title song 'Target'!

Looking forward to the 2015 choreography of 'Brand New'!

'Wild Eyes', which utilized chairs as performance props, 'Perfect Man', which showed a sexy and strong performance with a sTANding microphone, 'Brand New', which produced a large-scale colorful military dance, and 'This Love', which introduced the first voguing dance in Korea in 2013 and showed the best performance...

With the title track "Target," Shinhwa, a group that always delIVErs a first-of-its-kind performance in every song, will showcase a more solid choreographic composition with customized choreography focused on each member of each part.

In particular, "Target" is said to be the 2015 version of "Brand New," which BoAsted a colorful and dynamic performance, and is expected to mark a new stroke in the performance world with a powerful and charismatic military dance that emphasizes masculinity.

The best photographer in Korea, Kim Young-joon,

participated in Shinhwa's 12th jacket album!

March 3 Limited edition 'Special Edition' 40,000 copies,

On March 5, the general edition 'TANgs Edition' will be released!

A comeback after a year and nine months...

Shinhwa's more inTENse side is reflected throughout the 12th album.

Shinhwa worked with Korea's top photographer Kim Young-joon to shoot the album jacket for their 12th album, in order to showcase not only the quality of their music but also their more mature charm.

Kim Young-joon, who has worked with top stars such as Kim Soo-hyun, Yoo Seung-ho, Son Ye-jin, IU, Park Shin-hye, and Lee Min-ho, captured the luxurious and sophisticated, sexy and strong charms of Shinhwa's members on the album jacket.

In addition, Shinhwa, which will release 40,000 copies of the 'Special Edition' in a high-end hardcover hardcover on March 3 and the 'Tangs Edition' on March 5, will include a photo book with photographer Kim Young-joon in their 12th album, making it a precious gift for fans who have been waiting for Shinhwa's comeback for a long time.

■ March 21-22, 17th AnnIVErsary Concert of Debut

'We' will be held!

Gymnastics StadIUm, the 'promised place' of 'Shinhwa' and 'Shinhwa Creation'!

This March will also be filled with orange waves!

This March, the Gymnastics Center will be filled with orange waves.

On March 21-22, Shinhwa will hold their 17th anniversary concert, "We," at the Olympic Park Gymnastics StadIUm to celebrate their debut.

The group Shinhwa, which has consistently held concerts at the Gymnastics StadIUm, the largest indoor venue in Korea, including their first solo concert after their debut, their 10th anniversary concert in 2008, and their comeback concert in 2012 after a four-year hiatus, will record another memory with their fans this year by holding their 17th anniversary concert at the venue, which has long memories of 'Shinhwa' and 'Shinhwa Creation'.

In particular, Shinhwa, which has been recording 'performance myths' by closely breathing with more than 20,000 fans with lIVE band performances and colorful stage configurations at every performance, will present the songs from the 12th album released in one year and nine months for the first time through this concert and showcase their strongest performance.

Shinhwa's 17th annIVErsary concert, 'We', which is happier because it is called 'We'...

Legends beyond imagination will be performed at the Gymnastics StadIUm in March 2015...

- Album Details -.

**Hardcover+Hard sleeves+120p photos in a high-end hardcover book+Lyrics book+1DISC

*Limited edition is made up of a premIUm hardcover book.

*Photos of the limited edition and regular edition are partially different.

**Size: W485mm x D315mm x H160mm (Finalized)

**Please note that the sleeves are not completely closed.


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