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She Would Never Know (Senior, Don't Put On That Lipstick) OST
  • She Would Never Know (Senior, Don't Put On That Lipstick) OST

She Would Never Know (Senior, Don't Put On That Lipstick) OST

Label: Music Buddy

Release Date: 2021.04.30

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

WEight: 16


She Would Never Know (Senior, Don't Put On That Lipstick) OST


1. 나는 그래 (Lean On Me) - 김종완 of NELL
2. 만져져 (I Feel You) - 산들
3. 설레 (Pit-A-Pat) - 은하 (여자친구)
4. 너에게 (To You) - 김태우
5. 너의 눈에 내가 살아 (I Live in Your Eyes) - 유성은
6. 아이 (Daydream) - CHEEZE (치즈)
7. 떠나요 (Leave Me) - 벤
8. 선배, 그 립스틱 바르지 마요
9. 나랑 연애하죠
10. 고마워요 나한테 와줘서, 고마워 기다려줘서
11. 나만 바라봐 준 너
12. 커피 한 잔 할까
13. 기댈 수 있는 사람
14. 불안한 마음의 무게
15. 달달구리 비밀연애
16. 첫눈에 반한 직진남
17. 행복한 짝사랑
18. 고독한 매일의 삶
19. 어긋난 두 사람
20. 너에게 가는 길
21. 그 사람의 과거

1. 완전 예쁜 사랑
2. 엇갈린 그들
3. Loving You
4. 서른일곱, 서른다섯
5. 꽃 피는 마음
6. 늘 기다려주는 사람
7. 우리 사랑하게 될 것 같아요
8. 불편한 관계
9. 기 싸움
10. 쓸쓸한 얼굴
11. 난 너 없이 못 살아
12. 다시는 찾아오지 마요
13. 무의식과 의식 사이
14. 나한테 도대체 왜 그래
15. 짝사랑의 거리
16. 복잡한 감정
17. 보고 싶어요, 선배
18. 알면서 모르는 척
19. 왁자지껄 끌라르 팀20. 회사 후배입니다
21. 딱 걸렸어
22. 사내 신경전
23. 도용된 아이디어

JTBC Monday-Tuesday Drama 'Senior, Don't Wear That Lipstick' Original Sound Track Released!!!

The original soundtrack of JTBC's Monday-Tuesday drama "Senior, Don't Wear That Lipstick" (writTEN by Chae Yoon, directed by Lee Dong Yoon), which is based on a web novel and webtoon about a romance that started unknowingly, will be released.

The drama, "Senior, Don't Wear That Lipstick," has been recognized as a drama that not only awakens the love cells of viewers, but also arouses empathy through the fun of the office drama, and is also recognized as a drama that heals viewers by covering the growth period of the four characters in the drama, Yoon Song-ah (played by Won Jin-ah), Chae Hyun-seung (played by Roon), Lee Jae-shin (played by Lee Hyun-wook), and Lee Hyo-joo (played by Lee Joo-bin).

In addition, the seven OST songs of "Senior, Don't Wear That Lipstick" were released with the participation of Korea's top singers to lead the atmosphere of the drama and were loved by many upon release.

Starting with "Lean On Me," a narratIVE song that starts with a simple guitar riff and lyrical melody and develops into a powerful chorus, featuring vocalist Kim Jong Wan of NELL, a band with a dreamy and mesmerizing sound, and "I Feel You," a pop ballad with lyrical piano arpeggios and a melody that spits out like a monologue, featuring vocalist Sanle, a vocalist who shows delicate expression with rich emotions, "Pit-A-Pat," a warm modern rock band sound with girlfriend Eungha's innocent voice energizing the song and giving it a springtime vibe from the very beginning; and "Sullae (Pit-A-Pat)," with its fluid piano playing and gorgeous strings featuring top soul vocalist Kim Tae-woo, 'To You', which features a rhythmic drum & bass performance with a pop-like guitar sound, and 'I LIVE in Your Eyes', which features a dreamy electric guitar sound and a flowing melodic line drawn on top of it, with Yoo Eun-sung showing a calm vocal performance unlike her previous style, "Daydream," a modern and emotional track with a dreamy sound that complements the soft and innocent vocals of "CHEEZE," and "Leave Me," a modern rock-based ballad track with a dreamy piano theme that embellishes the song with Ben's emotional and vocal performance.

In addition, the 37 songs that complemented the mood of the drama in each scene throughout the 16 episodes were composed by music directors Kim Jun-seok and Jung Se-lin and their colleagues at Movie Closure, and the OST of "Senior, Don't Wear That Lipstick" is expected to remain memorable for many drama fans.


ExecutIVE Producer Blending

Producer Koo Kyochul

Lyrics by Kim Ho Kyung, Jeon Geun Hwa (Weeky1/AIMING), Han Kyung Soo (ARTMATIC), Taibian, Song Yang Ha, Kim Jae Hyun, Lee Joo Ah, LUKA (ARTMATIC), Dope'Doug (Dope'Doug)

Composed by 1601, 전근화 (Weeky1/AIMING), Josehee (AIMING), HanKyungsoo (ARTMATIC), KISSMIZOI, Choi Minjun, Taibian, Kim Jungwoo(TOXIC), Song Yangha, Kim Jaehyun, Lee Juah, Lee Hyunsang (ARTMATIC), Choi Jisan (ARTMATIC)

Arranged by 1601, Jeon Myeonghwa (Weeky1/AIMING), Choi Minjun, Lee Jungwoo, Kang Woojin, Taibian, Kim Jungwoo(TOXIC), Song Yangha, Kim Jaehyun, Lee Juah, Choi Jisan (ARTMATIC)

Vocal Kim Jongwan (NELL), Sandle, Eunha (GIRLFRIEND), Kim Taewoo, Yoo Eunsung, CHEEZE(치즈), Ben(BEN)

Guitar Noh Kyunghwan, Park Sungbum, Kang Woojin, Kim Jungwoo (TOXIC), Jung Jaepil, Choi Jisan (ARTMATIC)

Bass Koo, Bonam, Josehee @AIMING, Lee, Jungwoo, Choi, Jisan (ARTMATIC)

Piano Park, Taehyun, Jeon, Geunhwa (Weeky1) @AIMING, KismeeJOY, Kim, Jaehyun, Lee, Juah, Choi, Jisan (ARTMATIC)

KeyBoArd Taibian, Jaehyun Kim

Drum Jungwoo Lee, Hyunsang Lee (ARTMATIC), Jisan Choi (ARTMATIC)

Percussion Lee, Jungwoo

Synthesizer 1601

EP 전근화 (Weeky1) @AIMING

Strings 융스트링

Strings Arranged by Minjun Choi

Midi Programming Minjun Choi, Jisan Choi (ARTMATIC), Hyunsang Lee (ARTMATIC)

Programming Song Yangha

Chorus Kim Jong Wan, Eunha (Girlfriend), Jeon Geun Hwa (Weeky1) @AIMING, Han Kyung Soo (ARTMATIC), CHEEZE(치즈), Sondia

Vocal Directed by Taibian, Kim Jungwoo(TOXIC)

Vocal Edit Kim Changrak @AIMING

Music Published by Music & Friends Jinho Lee

Marketing Planning Park, Kyungmin, Kim, Minjung(Blending)

Music Video Edited Kim, Hyunjung, Park, Jinjin (Blending)

Distributor Park, Kyungmin, Lee, Minji (Blending)

Recorded by Kim, Heejae at CSMUSIC& Studios, Kim, Jongwan at Satellite Studio, Jeong, Junghong (Assist. MOSTin, Lee, Chanmi) at Seoul Studio, Kwak, Hyungsik at Vibe Music Studio 606

Digital Edited by Changrak Kim @AIMING, MOSTin Choi at Seoul Studio

Mixed by Jongwan Kim at Satellite Studio, Heejae Kim at CSMUSIC& Studios, Junghong Lee (Asst.) at Seoul Studio, Chanmi Lee at Seoul Studio

Mastered by Namwoo Kwon at 821 Sound

[Score Credit]

Music Director Junseok Kim, Sereen Jung (Movie Closer)

Music Staff Koo Bonchun, Lee Yoonji, Noh Yurim, Kim Hyundo, Shin Yoojin, Kim Jungwan, Jung Hyebin, Yoo Sohyun, Kim Doeun, Kim Taejin

Score Recording & Mixing Engineer Park, Seungcheon (Movie Closer)

Score Mastering Engineer Jeon, Hoon (Sonic Korea)

Score Musicians

Acoustic & Electric & Nylon Guitar Ko, TaeYoung

Piano & KeyBoArd Kim Junseok, Koo Bonchun, Lee Yoonji, Noh Yurim, Kim Hyundo, Shin Yoojin, Kim Jungwan, Jeong Hyebin, Yoo Sohyun, Kim Doeun, Kim Taejin, Son Sungrak, Jang Yurye, Jeong Yeji

Dukgeun Jung Strings

1st Violins Dukgeun Jung Namhoon Kim Kyuhyun Han Kyuhyun Kim Jihyun Son Arong

2nd Violins Myeonghye Kwon Myeonghye Wang Ahm Park Youngju Sung Hye Ryung

Violas Ji Sun Lee Choi HaRam Choi Sungwon HongWon Shin EunMi Park Miree Choi HyeMi

V. Cellos SangEun Lee, KyungJoo Kim

<Senpai, Don't Wear That Lipstick> OST Album Composition

Case + 2 CDs + Photo book (90p) + Photo card (4 types) + POSTcard (2 types) + 2 pOSTers (fold-out) + Employee card (2 types) + Stickers (2 types)


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