See You in My 19th Life OST
    • See You in My 19th Life OST

    See You in My 19th Life OST

    Stone Music Entertainment

    Date: 2023.08.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9


    See You in My 19th Life OST


    1. 무음 - 선우정아

    2. Star - Colde(콜드)

    3. Star (Organic Ver.) - Colde (콜드)

    4. DOWN (Juicy Juicy) - 조유리

    5. 너의 지난날을 내가 안아줄게 - 안보현

    6. Secret - YELO(옐로)

    7. Here with me - 도영(DOYOUNG)

    8. Remember

    9. Pure Love

    10. Starlight

    11. Coldness

    12. Blue

    13. Europe

    14. Romantic

    15. what!!

    16. Itchy

    17. Sad Memory

    18. Triangle

    19. Horo

    20. Piriri

    21. Childhood

    22. Breeze

    23. Vice Versa

    24. Forgotten

    25. Possessed

    26. Shaman

    Do you believe in past lives?

    The original soundtrack album for tvN's drama "This Time Please," which has been thrilling viewers since June, will be released.

    The album is filled with 26 tracks, including another arrangement of Star's Star (Organic Ver.), which was played in the background of the two main characters' first kiss, as well as other score tracks that enriched the drama.

    This <This Time Cadet OST> album includes various goods that will remind you of the moments of the drama and soothe the regret of the end.


    - CD-R

    - Photo book 60p

    - Stand Paper

    - Photocard 4ea

    - Postcards 6ea


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