SECRET NUMBER - TAP (5th Single)
    • SECRET NUMBER - TAP (5th Single)

    SECRET NUMBER - TAP (5th Single)


    Date: 2022.11.18

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 22

    Option: NO Poster

    SECRET NUMBER - TAP (5th Single)


    1. TAP 

    2. SLAM

    Secret Number is back with their 5th single [TAP] after 5 months. Secret Number, who mesmerized listeners at home and abroad with their single "DOOMCHITA" in June, is expected to capture the world once again with their 5th single "TAP".

    The title track, "TAP," which starts with a dreamy and addictive fluck sound, is an uptempo dance song that harmonizes various rhythm changes and synth sounds. It contains the message of boldly 'tapping' the other person's heart to get closer, and it was made more complete by the participation of member Jinhee in rap making. As a 'global concept dol', you can meet a different side of Secret Number than the charm they have shown so far.

    The song "SLAM" is a song in the urban hip-hop genre with a sensual melody and chorus. She compares herself to the moon and Artemis, the goddess of hunting, and expresses how she enjoys the night without hesitation. The lyrics also stand out as she reveals her passionate self and elicits responses, honesty, and energy from those who are not.

    Secret Number, who recently won 'ROAD TO MAX' and received the opportunity to appear on the special stage of 'M-Countdown' and 'KCON 2022 Saudi Arabia,' proved to be a 'stage gourmet' by completing their performances amidst the enthusiastic support of their fans. Secret Number, who has shown an unrivaled presence in the global market, will knock the hearts of fans once again with their 5th single [TAP].

    Specifications :Photo book 128p / CD-R / 1 random out of 6 stickers / 1 random out of 1 photo card mini holder / 2 random out of 18 photo cards / 1 random out of 6 ground posters


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