ROCKY - BLANK (White Version) (2nd Mini Album)
    • ROCKY - BLANK (White Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    ROCKY - BLANK (White Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    Label: Music and New

    Release Date: July 3, 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 8


    ROCKY - BLANK (White Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    An album where you can feel the vivid colors of ROCKY, a solo singer who found through various attempts and challenges.

    ROCKY delIVErs a free-spirited and abstract message, hoping that this album will be completed through various interpretations, imaginations, and emotions. I hope that will be filled with the 'value of togetherness' just like a blank white drawing paper is filled with colorful colors.


    ExecutIVE Producer : Minhyuk Park, ONEFINEDAY ENT.

    ExecutIVE Supervisor :Manchul Park, Minseon Sung

    Director of Management :Manchul Park

    Project Manager : Jung, Leehwa

    Album Production : Minhyuk Park

    A&R : Park, Minhyuk

    Artist Management : Kim, Suhwan

    Video ConTENts Production : Jiyoung Kwon

    Marketing :Chae, Yeji

    Finance &Administration :Shin Okyeon, Kim Sangok

    Music Producer : ROCKY, OBROS MS, Waveshower

    Recorded by :OBROS MS,Tina Kim Gwangmin @GanariSound

    Mixed by : MasterKEY (Asst. Lee Ji-ho) @ 821 Sound , Dokkeobi Bat @magicclub_sound, Hongseongjun @GanariSound

    Mastered by : Jeon Hoon @SONICKOREA (Assist. Sumin Shin)

    Photography : Sangchul Cho @A&a Studio

    Behind Photography :Chae Yeji

    Retouching : Sangcheol Cho, Yeji Chae

    M/V Director : Park Il

    Choreography : ROCKY, Seungjae Kim

    Dancer :Mao KOMOTO, Kim Dongkyu, Park Kwanyoung, Park Shinsoogyeom, Park Hyunjin, Jang Seeun, Yang Yejun,Lee Junyup

    Stylist :Nankyung Park (assist. YUJUng Han)

    Hair :Bora Choi @Overmars, Sooyeon Park @Off the Fit

    Make-Up : Ameem Han @Overmars

    Design &Artwork : Namyoon Kim @PLANET.D

    Printed By : Namyoon Kim @PLANET.D

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