Red Velvet - Cosmic (SMini Seulgi Version)
    • Red Velvet - Cosmic (SMini Seulgi Version)

    Red Velvet - Cosmic (SMini Seulgi Version)

    Label: SM Entertainment

    Release Date: June 25, 2024

    Format: Music NFC CD

    Weight: 3


    Red Velvet - Cosmic (SMini Seulgi Version)


    1. Cosmic *Title

    2. Sunflower

    3. Last Drop

    4. Love Arcade

    5. Bubble

    6. Night DrIVE

    Red Velvet releases new album 'Cosmic' on June 24th!

    Red Velvet's long-awaited summer comeback with a different style of summer song!

    Red Velvet's fantastic unIVErse unfolds!

    Red Velvet, a member of SM Entertainment, is celebrating the 10th annIVErsary of their debut this year with a new album.

    Red Velvet's new album, "Cosmic," will be released in its entirety on June 24 at 6 p.m. on various music sites, and contains a total of six songs in various genres, which is enough to meet the expanded world of Red Velvet's music.

    In particular, Red Velvet, which has continued its myth of undefeated summer box office success with legendary hits such as "Red Flavor," "Power Up," "Umpah Umpah," and "Queendom," is expected to showcase a completely new style of summer music with its new album "Cosmic," which is expected to generate explosIVE interest from global music fans.

    In addition, Red Velvet has proven itself as a 'concept queen' with its unique mood and unique concept capabilities through its third full-length album 'Chill Kill' released last year, so it is expected that Red Velvet will show a different look and charm with this comeback.

    [How to use Smart Album SMini Ver.]

    1. install the 'Smart Music Card' application

    2. Log in with your MUSIC NATION SMTOWN account or Smart Music Card account

    3. NFC tag the NFC CD to your phone

    - iOS: Touch the anTENna icon button on the bottom right corner and then tap NFC CD tag.

    - Android: Set your phone's NFC to default mode and tag the NFC CD.

    4. Download the album and use the conTENt

    * Album Specifications

    - Cover: 5 types

    - KEY ring ball chain: 1 type

    - Music NFC CD: Insert 1 type

    - Photo card: Insert 1 random out of 5 types

    * Please note that the slight lines on the outside of the case are due to the production process and are not a defect.


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