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Queen of Tears OST (tvN Drama)
  • Queen of Tears OST (tvN Drama)

Queen of Tears OST (tvN Drama)

Label: Bugs

Release Date: May 23, 2024

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

Weight: 32


Queen of Tears OST (tvN Drama)



01) In a Beautiful Way (Opening Title Ver.) - 김경희

02) 자꾸만 웃게 돼 - 부석순 (SEVENTEEN)

03) 고장난걸까 - 10CM

04) 멈춰줘 - 헤이즈 (Heize)

05) 미안해 미워해 사랑해 - Crush

06) Fallin' - 홍이삭

07) 좋아해요 - 폴킴

08) 일기 - 김나영

09) Last Chance - 소수빈

10) Promise - 최유리

11) 떨림 - dori

12) 더 바랄게 없죠 - 김태래 (ZEROBASEONE)

13) Untitled - 김수현

14) In a Beautiful Way (Full Ver.) - 김경희


01) 눈치게임 - 남혜승, 박상희

02) Love, Love, Love - 남혜승, 전정훈

03) 인생은 그런것 - 남혜승, 조미라

04) 화해 - 이소영

05) 진짜 사랑한다면 - 남혜승, 박상희

06) 해인을 찾아서 - 남혜승, 박상희

07) 그땐 널 미워했어 - 김용은, 정수완

08) 사랑은 숨길 수 없는 것 - 남혜승, 고은정

09) Hong's Family - 남혜승, 전정훈

10) 오디 로맨스 - 이소영

11) 가족이라는 이름 - 남혜승, 박상희

12) 아직도 나는 - 조한나

13) Spy Team - 남혜승, 전정훈

14) 어느 따뜻했던 날에 - 남혜승, 박상희

15) 나에게 가장 소중한 것 - 남혜승, 박상희

16) 범자는 사랑을 먹고 - 남혜승, 박상희

17) Talking About - 남혜승, 조미라

18) 유일한 이유 - 김용은

19) 모슬희 - 남혜승, 전정훈

20) 고맙고 미안해 - 이소영

21) 그레이스 - 박상희

22) 갈수록 태산 - 남혜승, 조미라

23) 우리가 사랑한 방식 - 김용은

24) 윤은성의 그림자 - 남혜승, 전정훈

25) 슬픈 진실 - 남혜승, 박상희

26) 좋아하나봐 - 남혜승, 박상희

27) 티키타카 - 남혜승, 고은정

28) 힘든순간, 단 한사람 - 이소영

29) Requiem -전정훈

30) 끝없는 집착 - 남혜승, 박상희

31) 함께 할 수 있다면 - 남혜승, 박상희

32) 그들만의 왈츠 - 남혜승, 조미라

33) 백현우 설명서 - 남혜승, 박상희

34) 나도 모르게 - 남혜승, 고은정

35) 간절한 마음으로 - 조한나

36) 내가 좋아하는 것들 - 남혜승, 조미라

37) 또 오세요 - 남혜승, 박상희

38) 용두리 미용실 - 고은정

39) Smoke - 전정훈

40) 그날의 바다 - 박상희

'Queen of Tears' OST special album goes on pre-sale today (26th)

'Queen of Tears' OST, Kim Soo-hyun-SEVENTEEN-10CM-Crush-Hong Yi-sak-Paul Kim and more 'super luxurious OST lineup'

'The Queen of Tears' OST album to help ease end-of-season disappointment '26th pre-sale starts'

The pre-sale of the OST album for tvN's weekend drama 'Queen of Tears' will begin today (26th).

'Queen of Tears' (writTEN by Park Ji Eun/ directed by Jang Young Woo, Kim Hee Won/ produced by Studio Dragon, Culture Warehouse, Showrunners) tells the story of Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji-won), the third generation of the Queens Group chaebol and queen of a department store, and Baek Hyun Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun), the son of Yong Doo Ri and prince of a supermarket, and their dizzying crisis and miraculous rekindling of love in their third year of marriage.

'Queen of Tears' has been praised for its excellent actors, solid writing and directing, and an OST that perfectly blended with the drama to maximize immersion, and is set to end this week, and a special OST album will be released to soothe the regret of the end and provide a deep afterglow.

The OST album includes "I Keep Smiling - SEVENTEEN," which was responsible for the atmosphere in the beginning of the drama with its heart-warming sound and gentle humming, and "Is It Broken - 10CM," which enhanced the romantic mood between the white-haired couple, 'Stop me - Heize', which captures the irresistible feelings of love between two people; 'Sorry, I hate you, I love you - Crush', which adds a touch of tenderness with the emotion of realizing true love after passing through bitter hatred and pain; and 'Fallin' - Hong Isaac', which is inserted into the four-leaf clover scene and enhances the sense of longing with its deep tone.

In addition, "I Like You - Paul Kim" was used in many romantic scenes such as the subway sunset scene to increase the excitement, "Diary - Kim Na Young" was a simple but poignant song like writing a diary, "Last Chance - Soo Bin" added to the appeal of the couple's fateful narratIVE with its grand and dreamy sound, and "Promise - Choi Yuri" represented Hae In's feelings by flowing into Hyun Woo's drunken confession scene, 'Trembling - DORI', which maximized the cute chemistry of the Baekhong couple; 'Nothing More - Kim Tae Rae (ZEROBASEONE)', which conveyed Soo Cheol and Dahae's sincere love and desire to protect their precious things; and finally, the OST with Kim Soo Hyun's own vocals, which added authenticity to the drama. In particular, the full version of the opening title, which viewers have been asking for, will be included as well.

The album also includes a case in the form of a wedding invitation for Hyun-woo and Hae-in's wedding, a booklet (80P) that vividly captures famous scenes from the drama, OST lyrics, photo cards (9 types), playlist transparent photo cards (1 random out of 12 types), photo film (1 type), memo pad, and stickers.

Meanwhile, the "Queen of Tears" OST album will be available for pre-sale on various online music sites from the 26th.


- Magnetic box

- 80p booklet

- Accordion-type lyric sheet

- 2 CDs

- 9 photo cards

- Clear playlist card (1 random out of 12)

- Film bookmark

- Memo pad


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