Purple Kiss - Cabin Fever (POCA Album) (5th Mini Album)
    • Purple Kiss - Cabin Fever (POCA Album) (5th Mini Album)

    Purple Kiss - Cabin Fever (POCA Album) (5th Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.02.21

    Weight: 3


    Purple Kiss - Cabin Fever (POCA Album) (5th Mini Album)


    1. Intro: Save Me

    2. Sweet Juice

    3. T4ke

    4. Autopilot

    5. 아지트 (agit)

    6. So Far So Good

    PURPLE KISS 5th Mini Album [Cabin Fever] (POCAALBUM)

    PURPLE KISS 5th Mini Album [Cabin Fever] is out now!

    - "Here's Purky!", the witches turned hoteliers!

    'PURPLE KISS' made a comeback with another solid performance in their worldview.

    - A message to you who are looking for freedom in an oppressed society, U want some "Sweet Juice"?

    PURPLE KISS, which has been acclaimed as the only girl group of the fourth generation with outstanding vocals and differentiated music, as well as strong performances and unique concepts, will release their fifth mini album "Cabin Fever" on February 15, 2023, with a deeper worldview.

    The title of the album, "Cabin Fever," means "nervousness, alienation, and claustrophobia," which can be paraphrased as "feeling a little bit sick. The message of 'Cabin Fever' is to find freedom and overcome it together in a way that only PURPLE KISS can, as our lIVEs are controlled by the unexpected pandemic situation.

    The title track 'Sweet Juice' literally means 'freedom'. Sweet sugar is the energy needed for life, and freedom is also essential for life. This song is about burning the shackles that have been holding us down for a long time, dancing as ourselves, and finding 'Sweet Juice', or freedom. The track is groovy and dreamy with a plucked sound, and the authentic message is delIVEred in a way that only PURPLE KISS can.

    PURPLE KISS revealed the story of the expanded unIVErse in a concept trailer and music video. After coming out of hiding, the witches of PURPLE KISS open their mansion as a hotel, only to experience strange phenomena after the first mysterious guest arrIVEs. The story of PURPLE KISS, a witch trapped in a strange hotel, who feels threatened and escapes to find freedom, is presented like a thriller movie by comparing it to modern people in a repressed society.

    In addition to this, 'Intro : Save Me," which expresses confusing emotions in a dreamy and mournful way, "T4ke," a self-composed song by member Chaein, which reflects his ambition to move forward confidently even in the darkness that never seems to end, and "Autopilot," an 80s synthwave song that captures the loveliness and freedom of PURPLE KISS, "agit," a song written by members Doshi and Nago Eun that is like a secret space filled with their own memories, and "So Far So Good," a mid-tempo ballad where you can feel the sweet voice of PURPLE KISS.

    U want some "Sweet Juice"?

    If the answer is yes, let's escape the "INSOLITO HOTEL" with PURPLE KISS.

    *Album Specifications

    - PHOTOSTAND PACKAGE + SLEEVE : 85 X 130 mm / 1 piece

    - QR CARD : 54 X 86 mm / 1pc (You can lisTEN to the music through the Poka Album app.)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55 X 85 mm / Insert 2 randomly out of 12 types

    - STICKER : 70 X 90 mm / 2 types inserted


    (You can lisTEN to various digital conTENts through the Poka Album app.)


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