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PENTAGON - IN:VITE U (Nouveau Version) (12th Mini Album)
  • PENTAGON - IN:VITE U (Nouveau Version) (12th Mini Album)

PENTAGON - IN:VITE U (Nouveau Version) (12th Mini Album)

Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2022.01.25

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 17

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PENTAGON - IN:VITE U (Nouveau Version) (12th Mini Album)


1. Feelin' Like

2. 한탕 (One Shot)

3. The Game

4. Call My Name

5. 관람차 (Sparkling Night)

6. BAD

'IN:VITE U To New World'

An invitation to enter the dangerous and fascinating new world of the Pentagon.

Pentagon Mini 12th Album [IN:VITE U]

Pentagon, who has sung about love with honesty and dignity in each album such as 'Shine,' 'Daisy,' and 'DO or NOT,' is making a comeback with [IN:VITE U], a mini 12th album that adds self-awareness and inner maturity.

Pentagon's mini 12th album [IN:VITE U], released about 10 months after their last album [LOVE or TAKE], combines the words 'INVITE' meaning 'to invite' and 'VITE' meaning 'quickly' to present a more mature music and performance with the mesmerizing title "INVITE to a new world that Pentagon faces, and quickly fall in love with you."

The new world that Pentagon invites you to is a space where Pentagon's new definition of love unfolds, as he realizes that love, like the passage of time, comes and goes, stays, creates fragments of moments, and then flows on somewhere else.

In this new love, Pentagon grows and changes, but also sings of the preciousness and sincerity of irreversible moments. It also means that the album is a reflection of Pentagon's inner strength.

All six tracks are written and composed by the members of Pentagon, adding not only more colorful musical colors than before, but also more authenticity to the songs by honestly reflecting their stories that have deepened through inner maturity.

The title track, "Feelin' Like," is the song that best expresses Pentagon's changed attitude, and it opens the first chapter of Pentagon's story. The trendy, rhythmic melody over a heavy, heart-pounding beat showcases Pentagon's delicate, mesmerizing vocals, and is strangely addictive.

'Feelin' Like' will showcase Pentagon's mature and chic visuals that have never been seen before, as well as storytelling using various objects, and a performance of relaxed movements and moods that stand out amidst the intensity.

In particular, the new music video, which reinterprets the objects of 'temptation' from ancient artworks with a modern twist, makes the most of Pentagon's seductive and strong pull on the senses, making it impossible for viewers to resist their invitation.

Pentagon's mini 12th album [IN:VITE U] is a new definition of love.

They invite you to the sweet and enchanting place they encountered?

01. Feelin' Like

Composed by Ryan Jeon, Kristin Marie, Vegard Hurum, Jop Pangemanan

Lyrics by HAEE, Kino, Jinho, WooSeok, WooSeok

Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Vegard Hurum

'Feelin' Like' is a perfect blend of pop and R&B genres that creates a strong addictive feeling from the intro, quoting the story of Galatea, Pygmalion's woman reborn through a kiss, and expresses arousal, pleasure, and awakening in their own language, capturing the new way of love that Pentagon faces.

In particular, members Jinho, Kino, and Woosuk participated in the lyrics, demonstrating the group's self-produced aspect and starting their own story with a different style and performance from the music that Pentagon has shown so far.

02. 한탕 (One Shot)

Composed by WooSeok, NATHAN, ShinWon

Lyrics by 우석, 신원

Arranged by 네이슨 (NATHAN), MILLENNIUM

Pentagon's bold and great attempts to captivate listeners' taste buds like indispensable condiments for delicious food continue.

'One Shot', an alternative rock track, grabs everyone's attention right from the start with its pulsating and colorful hard rock guitar riffs. It captures the excitement and bursting energy of the song as a metaphor for our lives, with one last shot in the tank and no fear.

The subject 'you' in 'One Shot' has various meanings depending on what goal or person the listener is thinking of, adding to the fun of the song.

03. The Game

Composed by Wooseok, Nathan (NATHAN), yunji, HOHO

Lyrics by 우석

Arranged by 네이슨 (NATHAN), yunji

'The Game' is an electronic genre song with a stimulating glitch synth sound and a rock sound, and it expresses Pentagon's laid-back attitude that laughs off any situation with a playful and witty attitude by comparing tense life events to a game.

In particular, the intense and addictive hook lyrics, "I'm more alive, I'm running, I'm blowing it all up," as well as operatic elements in the middle of the song, imprint Pentagon's unique and mature musical color.

04. Call My Name

Composed by Kino, Kim Sion, Milano

Lyrics by Kino, HAEE, Wooseok, WooSuk

Arranged by Sion Kim, Joseph Son, Hyeogdu Choi

Kino and producer Kim Sion, who have tried various genres such as "When It Rains at Night" and "Let's Run Away (HAPPINESS KR Ver.)" to establish their own musical style and demonstrate high synergy, have come together once again.

This song, which captures the friction of lips pronouncing my name and the strong tension felt in that moment, sings about their story, which is a step deeper than "Voice," which was the motif of Kino's previously released mixtape song "Voicegasm.

05. Ferris Wheel (Sparkling Night)

Composed by Kino, ROAMER DOZE

Lyrics by Kino, Wooseok

Arranged by ROAMER DOZE

This song expresses a beach with countless stars, a sparkling amusement park, and a Ferris wheel spinning in the center of our beautiful night, and is written and composed by member Kino, giving it a unique and emotional atmosphere.

"Ferris Wheel (Sparkling Night)" compares the feeling of meeting and parting with the feeling of knowing that you have to get off the Ferris wheel after a while, but not being able to get off easily because the sight is too beautiful. The honest lyrics over a calm and warm melody that contrasts with the wistful feelings give listeners a high sense of immersion.

06. BAD

Composed by Woo Suk, Siixk Jun

Lyrics by WooSeok

Arranged by Siixk Jun

A man who loves his lover more than anyone, but his situation and surroundings say that breaking up is the answer. Is letting go the answer? This song tells the familiar and bad breakup story of a man who wants the other person's happiness until the moment of parting.

Written and composed by member Woo Suk, 'BAD' is a song with a simple and concise guitar riff, a catchy melody, and a classic, minimalist rhythm that creates deep empathy and comfort for anyone who is about to break up and is experiencing the pain of breaking up.

* Album Specifications

- SIZE : 164mm X 214mm

- BOOKLET : 1 type / 96P (Image differs by version)

- LYRIC PAPER : 1 type (Image varies by version)

- CD : 1 type (Image varies by version)

- PHOTO CARD : Insert 1 random type out of 8 types (Image varies by version)

- SELFIE PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 random type out of 8 types (Image varies by version)

- NAME TAG: 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

- Initial limited poster: 1 free poster (image varies by version)


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