ONEWE - MEMORY : illusion (1st Single Album)
    • ONEWE - MEMORY : illusion (1st Single Album)

    ONEWE - MEMORY : illusion (1st Single Album)

    Kakao M

    Date: 2020.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 15

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    ONEWE - MEMORY : illusion (1st Single Album)


    1. TRAUMA (Aquarium)

    2. 기억 속 한 권의 책 (A book in memory)

    3. 기억 세탁소 (Eraser)

    4. 기억 속 한 권의 책 (A book in memory) (Inst.)

    ONEWE, the talented genius band, releases their first single album "MEMORY : illusion

    ONEWE's dreamy, warm, and emotional rock ballad, a fantasy in memory, is back with a bang

    Memory is an illusion, and my illusion is my memory.

    Boy band ONEWE will release their first single album "MEMORY : illusion" on December 11th.

    ONEWE is a five-member talented band from RBW consisting of Yonghoon (vocals), Kanghyun (guitar), Haarin (drums), Dongmyung (keyboards, vocals), and CyA (keys/bass, rap), who have been showing a wide musical spectrum that is unique and limitless, and have been loved by many listeners and have shown themselves to be a self-proclaimed genius band. In particular, their first single album "MEMORY : illusion", which is themed around the theme of memory, is an album that can convey a little warmth and comfort to the public who are tired of the corona blue era. As the members have participated and worked on all the songs they have released since their debut, this album is also full of their passion and efforts and boasts a high level of completion.

    The first track, "TRAUMA (Aquarium)," was inspired by the trauma that member CyA experienced after falling into deep water, and it is an alternative rock song with CyA's unique trendy colors that compares trauma to a relationship that has left her.

    The second track, "A book in Memory," is a self-written song inspired by a movie by member Yonghoon, and is a warm rock ballad with a distant perspective of 'memory' following their debut song "Reminisce about All. With a dreamy atmosphere, the song builds up towards the end with ONEWE's unique band sound and guitar sound, capturing the story of the two of us like a novel.

    The third track, "Memory Laundry (Eraser)," is written by ONEWE's main producer Jeon Down. It is a song that CyA worked on together, and it captures the memories that we want to erase. The song is calm and restrained and talks about memories, but the contrast of the energetic and tight tempo shows a sense of longing to escape from the bondage of memories.

    ONEWE's first single album [MEMORY : illusion], which consists of a total of four tracks, including 'A book in Memory (inst.)', shows ONEWE's more mature music. Through this album, ONEWE will once again showcase the unique and diverse music of ONEWE to the public.

    1. TRAUMA (Aquarium)

    Lyrics by CyA, Yonghoon / Composed by CyA, Yonghoon, Coco Doo Daddy(RBW) / Arranged by Coco Doo Daddy(RBW), Kanghyun, Harin, CyA

    An event that evokes strong emotions creates trauma.

    'TRAUMA(Aquarium)' is an alternative rock song that compares the trauma CyA experienced after falling into deep water to a relationship that left her. The intense and sensual arrangement is complemented by the colorful vocals and performances of each member. Based on the intense guitar sound, the song expresses the bends of the emotions contained in it well.

    2. A book in Memory (A book in Memory)

    Lyrics by Yonghoon, CyA / Composed by Yonghoon, JeonDown(RBW) / Arranged by JeonDown(RBW), Yonghoon

    Our story, which was like a novel, remained in memory. The story of the two of them, starting from the end of the memory, was inscribed in print with countless emotions, but there were stories that could not be told yet, and the book could not be closed.

    The story, which begins modestly with a lyrical piano and orchestra, realizes as it progresses that it is not a story that has passed in memory, but is always there, like the night and morning that come every day. Dramatic lyrics with a clear narrative arc are accompanied by a lavish orchestral sound and a powerful band that shines and draws you into the story

    In your longing, where you stand, was it the last page?

    Or was it the first page...

    3. 기억 세탁소 (Eraser)

    Lyrics by 전다운(RBW), CyA, 용훈 / Composed by 전다운(RBW), CyA / Arranged by 전다운(RBW)

    Everyone has memories of love, happiness, sadness, and pain.

    We all have memories that we wish we could erase.

    Just as dirty laundry can always come back white, I wish memories could be easily erased.

    Although the song talks about memories in a calm and restrained manner, the contrast of the energetic and tight tempo shows a sense of longing to escape from the shackles of memories. The visually imaginative lyrics resonate with those buried under a pile of memories.


    Executive Producer RBW Inc. (Dohoon Kim, Jinwoo Kim)

    Supervisor Inyong Lim, Sujin Shin

    HR Department Junho Song, Hyo Sun Kim

    Music Produced and Director Dohoon Kim, Jeon Daun Jeon

    Artist Director Kim, Hyungkyu

    Project Director Koo, Bonyoung

    Planning & Marketing Lee, Soobin, Hwang, Jihye, Ahn, Seon, Lee, Sohyun, Lee, Hyunyoung, Jungkyung, Hwang, Jungmi

    Local & Overseas Marketing Kookjin Kim

    Artist Management Heonmin Lee, Ahn Sunghee, Ryu Seungwoo, Jeon Soojin, Choi Jaewon, Lee Woohyun, Lee Yoonseok

    Fan Marketing Jung, Seung-eun, Lee, Ga-yeon, Lee, Eun-young

    Visual Production Kang, Sooyoung, Kim, Youngdon, Lee, Yongkyung, Yang, Seunghee, Park, Eonju

    Commerce Business HQ Park, Jung Chan, Choi, Yerang, Choi, Yeesul, Choi, Moon Kyung, Han, Minjung @ BizEnt

    A&R Hwang, Sungjin, Park, Jiyoung, Lee, Hyejin, Yoo, Sangho, Cho, Eunju

    Artist Development Hyungkyu Kim

    Administration Kim, Lunhee, Lee, Jinjin, Park, Jeeun, Ahn, Hyunseon

    Global Business HQ Weiwei, Kim, Sohyun, Kim, Jihyun, Lee, Yuri, Jang, Yuri

    Educational Contents Hyun Kim, Gungjin Nam, Hyunjung Lee, Ga Hye Shim

    RBW Japan Branch Jae Woong Wang, Asuka Yamaguchi, Rina Matsumoto

    Media Content Business Jae-Won Heo, Jong-Hoon Kim, Ja-Young Kim, Seok-Hoon Jang, Hannah Hyun, Bo-Ram Park

    Public Relations Jung Wonjeong, Jeong Yeojin @ I-JE Company

    Artwork & Design Yerang Choi, Yeesul Choi, Moonkyung Choi, Minjeong Han @ BizEnt


    Style Planning & Production Han, Youngjin, Park, Soobin, Koo, Eunyoung, Kim, Gyuri @ RBW

    Stylist Seo Soo-kyung, Jang Jang-geun, Oh Suyoung, Lee Da-seul, Bae Gun-young @Soostyle

    Hair & Make up Mook, Hoesang, Jinwoo, Sarang, Jungdeok, Soye @ Soonsoo

    Photographer Kim Hyoseok, Song Kijung, Soonrok @ Danchustudio

    Music video Director Sungyeon Kim, Suemin Hong @ Johnnybros

    Guitar Kanghyun

    Bass CyA

    Drum Harin

    Piano Dongmyung, Jeon, Down

    Synthesizer Jeondown, Younghyun Kim

    Chorus Yonghoon, Dongmyeong, CyA

    String Arranged by 신민

    String 융스트링

    Recorded by Jeon Down, Younghyun Kim, Eunju Cho @ RBW Studio

    String Recorded by Oh, Sunggeun @ T Studio

    Mixed by Yoo, Sangho @ RBW Studio

    Jaebin Shin @ Cube Studio

    Keunsang Park @ Jelly Sound

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo @ 821 Sound Mastering

    Print @ (주)예인미술

    *Album Specifications

    - CD-R: 118x118mm

    - Photobook: 210*300mm / 80P

    - Bookmark: 50*160mm / 1 of 5 types randomly inserted

    - Photo Card: 55*85mm / Randomly insert 2 of 10 types

    - Initial limited poster: 420*590mm / 1 of 2 randomly inserted


    Specific References


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