NTX - Hold X (Platform version) (2nd Mini Album)
    • NTX - Hold X (Platform version) (2nd Mini Album)

    NTX - Hold X (Platform version) (2nd Mini Album)

    Label: WEA

    Release Date: July 10, 2024

    Format: QR Card

    Weight: 5


    NTX - Hold X (Platform version) (2nd Mini Album)


    1. Kick it the door


    3. 그때로

    4. Ivy Booth

    5. MYFUL

    Album name I Hold X

    Through this 'Hold X' album, NTX team's ambition is to show the Infinite possibilities of NTX, which has developed into a wider range of music without losing its own identity and unique musical color shown in previous albums.

    Title track I PROBLEMATIC

    'PROBLEMATIC', the title track of 'Hold X', is a hip-hop dance song that can show and hear NTX's unique passion, ambition, and challenge, with a heavy yet intense bass sound, minimal yet colorful drums, and a performance that does not miss the members' deterMINAtion that nothing will be a 'problem' (PROBLEM).

    [Album Specifications]

    - Album Case (ALBUM CASE) : 120mm X 120mm / 1 piece

    - Mini Card (QR type) : 54mm X 85mm / 1 random out of 8 types

    - SELF PHOTOCARD : 54mm X 85mm / 1 randomly selected from 16 types

    - POSTcard Set (POSTCARD SET) : 115mm X 115mm / 1 set of 8 types

    - Sticker (STICKER) : 115mm X 115mm / 1 item

    - Ground POSTer (POSTER) : 230mm X 230mm / Random 1 out of 2 types

    - Bookmark (BOOKMARD) : 50mm X 80mm / 1 item

    - Lyrics (ACCORDION BOOK) : 115mm X 115mm / 1EA


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