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NMIXX - Fe3O4: BREAK (Limited Version)
  • NMIXX - Fe3O4: BREAK (Limited Version)

NMIXX - Fe3O4: BREAK (Limited Version)

Label: JYP Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.01.16

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 40


NMIXX - Fe3O4: BREAK (Limited Version)



2. Sonar (Breaker)

3. Run For Roses


5. PassiONFruit


7. Break The Wall


1. outbox /145*202*70mm/ 1 piece

2. Doll KEYring / 95*110*50mm / 1 random out of 6

* The doll KEY ring may differ from the sales image due to the production process.

3. interview sticker / 130*180mm / 1 random out of 6 types

4. CD / 118*118mm / 1 type

5. lyric sheet / 130*170mm / 1 piece

6. pOSTcard / 125*165mm / 38 cards (1 set)

7. photocard set / 55*85mm / 6 types 1 set / 2 sets of random 1 set

After 'New Frontier' and 'Docking Station', the third series, 'Fe3O4', begins!

After the first series, 'New Frontier', which captured the pioneering spirit of NMIXX, who discovered a new world and boldly embarked on an adventure, and the second series, 'Docking Station', which told the story of disparate beings understanding each other and connecting as one, NMIXX continues its adventure with more growth.

The third series, "Fe3O4," follows the girls as their adventure is interrupted when their ship is set on fire by an antagonist, forcing them to stay in FIELD for a while.

The girls stay in the real-world FIELD and realize that utopia is a space that we have to fight for and create ourselves. In order to get to Mixtopia with more people, NMIXX challenges the ideas and practices that limit and divide us in FIELD.

The first challenge, Girls' BREAK for the World, begins.

A utopia of our own making: Walls down, world flexible, you and me free.

During their stay at FIELD, NMIXX began to think about the utopia of dIVErsity, and they put their heads together to come up with various ideas. NMIXX is the first to challenge the jaws, walls, and obstacles that stand in our way. She wants to break down the walls that separate us: the majority from the minority, the strong from the weak, the first from the last.

They want to make the world flexible and soft. They keep DASHing to break down the walls in front of them.

As their desire to be with more people grows stronger, girls awaken new senses that have been dormant in their unconscious. Awakened, the girls want to attract more people with their magnetic energy.

Now, there's only one thing they need to take the next step. It's you. They'll pull you in, and they'll take your hand again.

As long as you're there, they won't gIVE up on the adventure. They'll hold on to your hand as long as they can, and they'll run against the wall. Until that wall breaks.


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