N.Flying - 1st Album Man on the Moon (Kit Album)
    • N.Flying - 1st Album Man on the Moon (Kit Album)

    N.Flying - 1st Album Man on the Moon (Kit Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2021.06.08

    Weight: 9


    N.Flying - 1st Album Man on the Moon (Kit Album)


    1. Moonshot

    2. Ask

    3. 쉼표 (Comma.)

    4. 지우개 (Undo)

    5. You

    6. 파란 배경 (Blue Scene)

    7. 이별저별 (Fate)

    8. 빈집 (Zip.)

    9. 너에게 (To You)

    10. Flashback

    N.Flying's first full-length album in 6 years, 'Man on the Moon'

    AlternatIVE rock with a more powerful sound, title track 'Moonshot'

    The band N Flying (Lee Seung-hyup Cha-hoon Kim Jae-hyun Yoo Ho-seung Seo Dong-seong) is releasing its first album in six years.

    The moon in the album title, "Man on the Moon," symbolizes the watcher who watches over the world at night. Throughout the album, NFlying depicts how we are becoming smaller and smaller, trapped by our fears, like a moon that monitors our free movement, or how we can sTANd on the moon and leap into a new world tomorrow.

    In particular, "Man on the Moon" also represents NFlying's musical journey itself, which has been showing various musical colors for six years and gradually stepping on the moon. From their debut song "Gigantic," to "The Real Thing," which added a delightful color with the addition of vocalist Yoo Hoesung, to "Rooftop," a 100 million-streaming song that began to make a name for itself by reversing the charts, to "Oh really." with bassist Seo Dongseong, various songs have been turning points along the way.

    This time, the title track "Moonshot" delIVErs a more powerful sound with the message that if you are afraid of change, nothing will change. With 'Moonshot', the full-length album, which represents more than six years of musical achievements, melds the empathetic sentiment that runs through NFlying's music world with a more relaxed and immersIVE track, just as Lee Seung-hyeop wanted to make music that people could relate to.

    'Man on the Moon', the first full-length album of NFlying, will be a satisfying album for those who have always loved the sensitivity of NFlying, who have been singing about their youthful side. It cONFirms their musical growth and is a pleasant anticipation of the colorful world of music that will continue under the name of N-Flying.

    * Album Specifications

    - Cover sleeve: 96mm x 96mm x 32mm

    - Air Kit: 60mm X 60mm

    - Photo POSTcard: 89mm X 89mm / 12-piece SET insert

    - Selfie Photo Card: 55mm X 85mm / Randomly insert 1 of 5 types

    - Keno Manual


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