NCT 127 - WALK (Podcast Version) (6th Album)
    • NCT 127 - WALK (Podcast Version) (6th Album)

    NCT 127 - WALK (Podcast Version) (6th Album)

    Label: SM Entertainment

    Release Date: July 16, 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 13


    NCT 127 - WALK (Podcast Version) (6th Album)


    1. Intro: Wall to Wall

    2. 삐그덕 (Walk) *Title

    3. No Clue

    4. 오렌지색 물감 (Orange Seoul)

    5. Pricey

    6. Time Capsule

    7. 영화처럼 (Can't Help Myself)

    8. Rain Drop

    9. Gas

    10. 서서히 (Suddenly)

    11. 사랑한다는 말의 뜻을 알아가자 (Meaning of Love)

    'K-Pop Hero' NCT 127 to release their 6th album 'WALK' on July 15th!

    A total of 11 songs including the title track 'Piggduck (Walk)'!

    Opening a new chapter in K-Pop with endless challenges!

    NCT 127 (NCT 127, part of SM Entertainment) will release their 6th regular album 'WALK' on July 15th.

    NCT 127's 6th studio album 'WALK' consists of 11 songs in various genres, including the title track 'Peek-a-boo (Walk)', which is enough to meet the expanded musical spectrum of NCT 127.

    In particular, this album signifies the way forward for NCT 127, who pioneered the genre of NEO (newness) with their own unique musical color and opened up a new horizon of K-pop, and heralds the birth of another well-made album filled with the most NCT 127-like music as well as new challenges for NCT 127.

    NCT 127 has been one of K-pop's leading groups, solidifying their unique identity with each song they release such as 'Fact Check', '2 Baddies', 'Sticker', 'Hero', and 'Kick It' with their unique music, powerful performances, and infinite charm, so it will be interesting to see if this album will prove their identity once again.

    * Album Specifications (Final)

    - Cover : 1 type

    - Photo Book : 88p

    - CD-R: 1 type

    - Sticker pack: 4 inserts

    - Lenticular card: 1 type inserted

    - Ground pOSTer: 1 randomly selected from 8 types inserted

    - Photo Card: 1 randomly selected from 8 types inserted


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