MIRAE - Ourturn (4th Mini Album)
    • MIRAE - Ourturn (4th Mini Album)

    MIRAE - Ourturn (4th Mini Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.09.30

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12

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    MIRAE - Ourturn (4th Mini Album)

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    1. Drip N' Drop

    2. Welcome To The Future

    3. Daydreamin'

    4. What Are You Doing?

    5. Falling Stars

    Into our Future!

    Future Boy (MIRAE) 'Ourturn - MIRAE 4th Mini Album'

    The 'future of K-pop' is back with their 4th mini album.

    After debuting in 2021 with their debut album , MIRAE continued with their 'Future' trilogy with , where they definitely made their mark with their intense sound and spectacular performances.

    Now in their second year of debut, the boys are working with star producer Kigen to create a new 'Boy' series.

    The mini album 4, which marks the first sign of the 'Boy' series, will showcase the group's unique colors more clearly than before. In particular, the album is organized around the keyword 'time' from the title track to the rest of the songs.

    In particular, the title track is based on the theme of time travel, and the bright and trendy tone of the song gives a glimpse into the different side of Future Boy.

    Mirae Boy actively participated in the entire album, showing off his growth as a mature artist. Kael participated in the composition of the title track, and many of the other members contributed to the lyrics, adding their own sensibilities. In addition, Rian showed off his unique abilities through his self-written song.

    With , the first album in the "Boy" series, Future Boy is set to open a new chapter by showing even more developed musical talent.

    Album Review

    01 Drip N' Drop

    Lyrics by Kigen, DEEVAN, Rick Bridges, Kael

    Composed by Kigen, DEEVAN, Rick Bridges, Kael

    Arranged by DEEVAN, Kigen

    'Drip N' Drop' is a sensual dance track that effortlessly moves between the hottest genres of the moment, from UK Garage to Trap. As the song says, 'I'm moving to a new time and space that's just me', Future Boy's soft but sometimes tough voice meets the addictive melody to create a new feeling of time traveling.

    02 Welcome To The Future

    Lyrics by DEEVAN, Rick Bridges, Kigen, Rick Bridges, Kigen

    Composed by DEEVAN, Rick Bridges, Kigen

    Arranged by DEEVAN

    The intense serenade of a future boy who wants to present an 'eternal future' to his loved one is transformed into a familiar yet sensual sound by borrowing various EDM elements.

    03 Daydreamin'

    Lyrics by Rian, Kigen, Rick Bridges

    Composed by SQUAR (PixelWave), Lian, Kigen, Rick Bridges

    Arranged by SQUAR (PixelWave), Rian, Kigen

    Rick Bridges is a track that shows a glimpse into the musical growth of Future Boy's main vocalist, Rian, who created the track and melody himself. The song's lyrics, "Even if I wake up from a dream, I feel like I'm still dreaming about you," are accompanied by a gradually thickening sound.

    04 What Are You Doing?

    Lyrics by Vacation(MUMW), MSB, Kwon Won(MUMW), Chariha(MUMW), Lee Joonhyuk, Yoo Yoohyun, Park Si Young, Jang Yubin

    Composed by Noerio (THE HUB), Ludens, Artex, RYS 1, RYS 2, Chanti (THE HUB), Awry (THE HUB), Brian U (THE HUB)

    Arrangement by Ludens, Artex, RYS 1, RYS 2

    "What Are You Doing?" is a medium dance-pop song that impresses with its lyrical intro and groovy yet powerful chorus, showing off the wide musical spectrum of Mirae Boy. You can feel Mirae Boy's strong will to overcome his fears and find himself in the process of finding 'me'.


    Lyrics by Kigen, Rick Bridges

    Composed by Kigen, BYMORE

    Arranged by BYMORE

    'FALLING STARS' is the first pop ballad song that Future Boy presents and the grand finale of this album. It features Future Boy's pure and clean voice, and expresses a short memory of his first love that passed like a meteor, with stars and fireworks in the night sky.

    * Album Specifications

    - Album : 2 types (Drip ver. / Drop ver.)

    - Photo Book : 88P / 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 1 type (image varies by version)

    - Photo Card : Randomly insert 1 out of 7 types (Image varies by version)

    - Folding Poster : 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - Bookmark : 1 out of 7 randomly inserted (image varies by version)

    - DIY Bookmark : 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Message Card : 1 out of 7 types randomly inserted (image differs by version)

    - Stickers: 2 types (image is the same for each version)

    - Initial Limited Poster: 1 out of 2 types randomly included (Same design for each version)


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