• LOST OST (JTBC TV Drama)

    LOST OST (JTBC TV Drama)

    JTBC Studio

    Date: 2021.11.19

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 20


    LOST OST (JTBC TV Drama)


    1. Intro 0:53

    2. 붉은 꽃그늘 아래서 - 김윤아 4:52

    3. 내게서 내가 – 손디아4:19

    4. 혼잣말 -하동균 4:12

    5. My Home – 하진 3:56

    6. 부정의 테마 (theme for Boojung) 3:06

    7. ‘인간실격’ 메인 테마 (Main Theme from 인간실격) 3:13

    8. 강재를 위한 탱고 (Tango for Kangjae) 3:40

    9. 길을 잃은 사람들 4:19

    10. 두 사람 (모텔 SHEEM) 2:49

    11. 아버지 (버스정류장) 4:30

    12. 혼자만의 방 3:52

    13. 해 뜨는 새벽 2:30

    14. 별이 빛나는 하루 (조경산 천문대) 3:43

    15. 다시 찾은 길에 서다 (바닷가) 3:27

    16. 함께 걷는 길 4:07

    17. 금지된 마음 3:55

    18. 이름 없는 고통 2:38

    19. 당신을 보내며 2:22

    20. 우리의 자리 3:13

    'Human Disqualification' starring Jeon Do-yeon Ryu Jun-yeol, OST officially released today (17th)! 20 tracks filled with 'emotion'

    JTBC 10주년 특별기획 '인간실격', OST 음반 전격발매!

    Ha Dong-gyun → Kim Yoon-ahit 'Healing and Empathy'

    The colorful OST of 'Human Disqualification,' directed by melodrama master Heo Jin-ho, is now available on the album.

    The OST album of the recently concluded JTBC 10th anniversary special project 'Human Disqualification' (directed by Heo Jin Ho / written by Park Hong Soo / produced by Kim Ji-hye / produced by Cees Entertainment Drama House Studio), which was highly acclaimed for enhancing the immersive experience of the drama by being inserted at the right time, will be officially sold from the 17th.

    The OST album of 'Human Disqualification' will include a total of 20 tracks, ranging from unique vocalists' songs that have been released once through online music sites to the score that came to fruition through the longtime relationship between music director Cho Sung-woo and director Heo Jin-ho.

    First, it contains four vocal songs, starting with Ha Dong-gyun's'Soliloquy', which densely explores the worries of a good man at the end of his youth, followed by Sondia's'Come from Me', which heartbreakingly expresses the lonely and desperate heart of the heroine in the play, Kim Yoon-ah's'Under the Shade of Red Flowers', which beautifully sings the precarious emotional lines of the two protagonists, and Ha Jin-jin's'My Home', which adds to the lyrical atmosphere of the play with acoustic sound. In addition, 16 score songs are included, which faithfully lead the main character's emotional line and the development of the drama as if they were made one by one.

    In particular, the melodies of the score provide a high sense of immersion that perfectly encompasses the entire drama of 'Human Disqualification' and proved to be the music of Cho Sung-woo that works in dramas other than movies, and has been warmly received by viewers.

    In addition, the OST album will include collectible goods such as photo books, postcards, and photo cards that vividly capture the unmissable moments in the drama, which are expected to leave a lasting impression on drama enthusiasts.

    'Human Disqualification,' which attracted attention for its storyline that blended subtle excitement with introspective messages and the performances of prestigious actors, concluded on October 24 with praise for its dense portrayal of the narrative of healing and empathy between two men and women facing the darkness.

    Meanwhile, the OST album of 'Human Disqualification' will be officially sold through various online music sites from the 17th.

    Product Composition

    Sabari Standing Out Box - 182 x 243

    Holder 150 x 210

    Photo book 150 x 210 / 60P

    Postcard (Postcard) 3 types 180 x 120

    6 photo cards 55 x 85


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