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LOCO - 2nd Album WEAK
  • LOCO - 2nd Album WEAK

LOCO - 2nd Album WEAK

Label: Stone Music Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.10.18

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 16


LOCO - 2nd Album WEAK


1. 픽픽

2. BROKEN IPHONE (Feat. 우원재)

3. NOT OK (Feat. 민니 ((여자)아이들))

4. 바다가보이는창문

5. HEEE ! (Feat. Lil Cherry)

6. 이대로만 (Feat. 죠지)


8. 4 U (Feat. SUMIN)


10. 덤

Rokko, Album 'WEAK'

ROKO has released its second studio album in six years, WEAK.

The 10-track album consists of new and different genres of songs that he hasn't tried before, and visualizers for each track have also been released.

Among the double title tracks, "NOT OK (Feat. Minnie)" features Minnie ((G)I-DLE), creating a fresh combination. The voices of Rokko and Minnie ((G)I-DLE) combine to maximize the emotion of the song as they say, "It's not OK. The music video features not only Rokko and Minni, but also actor Ko Kyung-pyo's masterful performance, giving listeners a fun to watch.

The other title track, "BROKEN IPHONE (Feat. Woo Won Jae)," showcases the two artists' opposite and inTENse charms. Through their unique rapping, they talk about the world trapped in their cell phones with witty expressions in the lyrics.

In addition, various producers such as PEEJAY, Mokyo, and Slom, as well as unique artists such as Lil Cherry and SUMIN, participated in the features to enhance the album.

Let's lisTEN to Rokko's sincere stories and emotions that overcame his 'WEAK' weakness over a long period of time through this album.


- CD-R + Jewelry Case: 1EA

- Booklet 1EA

- Photo book 1EA

- Double-sided ground pOSTer 2EA

- Magnet 1EA


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