Link: Eat, Love, Kill OST (tvN Drama)
    • Link: Eat, Love, Kill OST (tvN Drama)

    Link: Eat, Love, Kill OST (tvN Drama)

    Label: Bugs

    Release Date: 2022.08.11

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14


    Link: Eat, Love, Kill OST (tvN Drama)


    1. 내 마음속 너의 강 - 오존 (O3ohn)

    2. 너의 하루를 묻고 싶어 - 민니 ((여자)아이들)

    3. 그네 - 김뮤지엄 (KIMMUSEUM)

    4. Pia a Pat - 승관 (SEVENTEEN)

    5. Unknown World (Prod. By 남혜승) - Janet Suhh (자넷서)

    6. You I've Missed (Prod. By 남혜승) - Janet Suhh (자넷서)

    7. 링크 - 멜로망스

    8. Step By Step - 로시 (Rothy)

    9. Connect - 김기원

    10. 먹고 사랑하라 (링크 타이틀) - 남혜승, 조미라

    11. 지화동으로 오세요 - Janet Suhh (자넷서)

    12. Come Back - 남혜승, 조미라

    13. 오해 - 이소영

    14. 비밀을 품다 - 남혜승, 고은정

    15. 첫만남 - 남혜승, 박상희

    16. 빵집 아닙니다 - 남혜승, 박상희

    17. 너에게 가는 길 - 이소영

    18. 고백 - 남혜승, 박상희

    19. 데이트 - 이소영

    20. 조금씩 가까이 - 남혜승, 박상희

    21. 게임의 시간 - 남혜승, 조미라

    22. 엄마와 할머니 그리고 냉장고 - 남혜승, 고은정

    23. 이상한 가족 - 남혜승, 조미라

    24. 수상한 마을 지화동 - 남혜승, 박상희

    25. 울다가 웃다가 - 남혜승, 고은정

    26. 달밤에 달리기 - 남혜승, 박상희

    27. 시간은 그렇게 흐르고 - 남혜승, 박상희

    tvN Monday-Tuesday Drama [Link : Eat, Love, Kill] OST Special

    "In a world without undersTANding, don't forget that I'm always on your side, the world is big. There will be many things to surprise you and many things to learn. I bless you." / Sang Sang, 1396 to his sister Okhee.

    This is a passage from a letter written by the poet Lee Sang-sang to his sister, who was running away from home in search of love at the time, and it was a message that stayed strong in the mind of Kwon Ki-young, the author of the drama [link], and which she wanted to incorporate into her work. No matter what big accidents we may have suffered or committed, no matter what irreversible things we may have done, no matter how much we may want to let go of our lIVEs, if there is even one person by our side who always tells us that they are on our side, we can lIVE tomorrow with that strength, and that is what the people of Jihwa-dong constantly convey to us in [Link].

    In addition to the solid screenplay and direction, the well-crafted music, which crosses various genres and adds perfect details, has been highly praised by viewers. OST Part.1 "Your RIVEr in My Heart - O3ohn", which embellished the narratIVE of [Gyehoon] and [Da Hyun] who miraculously flowed into each other's lIVEs, Part.2 "I Want to Ask You About Your Day - Minni((Girls))", which conveyed warm comfort and regards with a relaxing acoustic melody, and OST Part.3, which likened their relationship since childhood to a swing. [Swing - KIMMUSEUM], a lyrical melody that expresses the vivid feelings and excitement of a swing Part.4 [Pit a Pat - SEVENTEEN], the theme of Jihwa-dong, a beautiful and secretIVE neighborhood shrouded in mystery OST Part.5 Unknown World (Prod by. Nam Hye-seung), [You I've Missed - Janet Suhh(Janet Suhh)], [You I've Missed - Janet Suhh(Janet Suhh)], OST Part.6, which signaled the beginning of a full-fledged romance between Gye-hoon and Da-hyun [Link - Melomance], OST Part.7, which depicts the heart that heals each other's wounds and brings them one step closer [A total of 9 vocal songs and 18 BGM tracks that maximized the atmosphere and immersion of the drama are included in this OST Special album.

    In addition, a photo book (64P), photo cards (3 types), and pOSTers (1 random out of 2 types) that vividly capture the scenes in the drama will be provided as a special gift to remember the drama more clearly.

    The music of [Link] was created under the leadership of music director Nam Hye-seung, who has been recognized for his outstanding works at home and abroad, including [Mr. Sunshine], [Demon], [Psycho], and [That Year We]. The drama's well-made OST has been recognized by viewers once again by presenting complete music that is not limited to any genre by fluently crossing romance and thriller, and will warmly comfort many people like countless stars that brighTEN up the dark road with the message of the drama.

    Specifications : 2-tier digipak 165*245 / booklet 64P / 1CD / 3 photo cards

    Bonus: Randomized 1 of 2 initial limited pOSTers (A3 size)


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