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Lee Jin Hyuk - 1st Mini Album Splash! (ooo Ver.)
  • Lee Jin Hyuk - 1st Mini Album Splash! (ooo Ver.)

Lee Jin Hyuk - 1st Mini Album Splash! (ooo Ver.)

Label: Top Media

Release Date: 2020.07

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 12


Lee Jin Hyuk - 1st Mini Album Splash! (ooo Ver.)


1. Bedlam
2. Picasso
3. Rival
4. Holly Jolly
5. Playground
6. Sweet Rain
7. Don’t Worry (CD only)

이진혁 (leejinhyuk)


Into the JOYful imagination of Lee Jinhyuk

▶ ALBUM : Lee Jinhyuk's Unique Imagination in the World <Splash!

Lee Jin Hyuk's unique imagination is expressed in <Splash!

Lee Jin Hyuk's mini-album <Splash!> is an album with the meaning of creating a fun and exciting world by sharing Lee Jin Hyuk's unique and playful world with people, and consists of two versions, 'ooo' and 'iii', to capture the colorful imagination of Lee Jin Hyuk.

The 'ooo' version stands for 'out of office' and shows Lee Jin Hyuk enJOYing a colorful party alone, away from the office. On the other hand, the 'iii' version, which means 'i in imagination', depicts various characters in Lee Jin Hyuk's dreams, adding to the fun of watching.

The album, which features Lee Jin Hyuk's participation, consists of a total of seven tracks, including the title track "Bedlam," which Lee Jin Hyuk wrote, as well as many self-writTEN songs such as "Picasso" and "Rival," showing Lee Jin Hyuk's musical growth.

▶ TITLE :'Bedlam', an exciting cry for life

Lee Jin Hyuk's title track 'Bedlam' is a song that adds an exciting atmosphere with a variety of developments like a chaotic situation.

Featuring trap, heavy 808 bass, and colorful piano, "Bedlam" gIVEs listeners a pleasant feeling of enjoying life and living life in their own style without being restricted by anything.

In particular, an unexpected reversal section appears at the end of the song, providing suspense that cannot be missed until the end, enhancing the compleTENess of the song.

In addition, "Bedlam" overwhelms the viewer with a bouncy performance that moves nonstop throughout the song, and adds fun elements to the song, such as the "flip dance," a point choreography that powerfully flips the arms to the lyrics of the chorus, and a performance that resembles a cake.

▶ PHOTO: An exciting imagination added to the mundane

In the two versions of 'ooo' and 'iii', Lee Jin-hyuk captured images with completely different concepts, adding to the fun of watching.

In the 'ooo' version, Lee Jin Hyuk captured the colorful daily life outside the office and showed the opposite images, from a busy office worker to a partying man in a colorful suit.

In addition, through the 'III' version, which captures images from his imagination, Lee Jin Hyuk creates various characters, realizing various imaginary inner lives such as a genIUs scientist, tennis player, and astronaut, and shows a different charm, raising expectations for the album.

▶ MUSIC VIDEO : A fun birthday party for one person

Lee Jin Hyuk maximized his imagination through the music video for the title track "Bedlam".

The fun imaginations that unfolded over the keyword 'birthday party' increased the immersion of the music video, and it was fun to watch as it sensually captured stories that took place in various spaces such as offices, Chinese restaurants, and press cONFerences.

In addition, the colorful situations that cannot easily happen in real life created a strange sense of pleasure and gave Lee Jin Hyuk's own hilarity.


01. 난장판 (Bedlam)

Composed by KZ, Tae Bong Yi, BAYSIDE PABLO / Lyrics by KZ, Tae Bong Yi, BAYSIDE PABLO, Lee Jin Hyuk / Arranged by KZ, Tae Bong Yi, BAYSIDE PABLO

The title track, "Bedlam," which 'Splash!" Lee Jin Hyuk's imagination in the blazing summer heat and routine, features trap, heavy 808 bass, and colorful piano. 'Bedlam' is a song where you can enJOY Lee Jin Hyuk's different rap tone, and the pleasant lyrical theme of not being limited by anything, always enJOYing life as you feel, and spreading the game in your own style is fresh. Especially, the unexpected reversal section at the end of the song adds to the completeness of the song.

02. Picasso (Picasso)

Composed by CHKmate, Jinhyuk Lee / Lyrics by CHKmate, Jinhyuk Lee / Arranged by CHKmate

This song merges the image of boiling genIUs inspiration with the theme of art. 'Picasso', which combines jazz and EDM trap, two genres that don't seem to go together at all, adds a twist to the composition of the song, and shines even more with Lee Jin Hyuk's rapping, which freely moves between shuffle and swing rhythms, and sensible lyrics full of language play.

03. Rival (Rival)

Composed by GARDEN, CHKmate, Lee Jinhyuk, Krady / Lyrics by CHKmate, Lee Jinhyuk / Arranged by GARDEN, CHKmate

"My Rival" is a song that emphasizes a clear message of 'fighting with yourself' with the motif of Lee Jin Hyuk's mindset that my rival is only me. The witty and ambitious lyrics expressing himself as a fighter who grabs the microphone and aims for people's ears are another point of appreciation, and the melody and chord progression made with uncommon harmonies are characterized by a unique and cool feeling. You can feel Lee Jin Hyuk's ambition to consTANtly develop without settling for himself in yesterday's mirror.

04. Holly Jolly (Holly Jolly)

Composed by zomay, OBROS, MAYFLY / Lyrics by zomay, OBROS, MAYFLY / Arranged by 오브로스 (OBROS), zomay

This is a happy and upbeat song with a dance hip-hop style that has the color of Lee Jin Hyuk. The witty rapping along with the addictIVE beat and guitar riff strongly triggers internal excitement, and it conveys the message of letting go of all the worries and concerns of everyday life and having fun with Lee Jin Hyuk as if today is a special day.

05.놀이터 (Playground)

Composed by GARDEN, CHKmate, Lee Jin Hyuk, This N That / Lyrics by CHKmate, Lee Jin Hyuk / Arranged by GARDEN

This is a ratchet-based dance song with a melodic rap written from the perspectIVE of a child playing in a playground, over an innocent beat. 'Playground', which gIVEs the listener a special sensation by adding the voices of seven children, brings out precious memories that were hidden in the back of our minds like a panorama.

06. 단비 (Sweet Rain)

Composed by CHKmate, GARDEN, Lee Jin Hyuk / Lyrics by CHKmate, Lee Jin Hyuk / Arranged by GARDEN, CHKmate

This song reveals Lee Jin Hyuk's broadened musical spectrum in a melody that is both refreshing and powerful, delicate and confident. The pizzicato strings and vocal chops create a wistful sound that expresses Lee's bright and hopeful wishes. It's a song that gIVEs comfort and support to all of us who are going through a tough time in 2020.

07. 올라갈땐 (2017) (Don't Worry) (CD only)

Composed by Lee Jin Hyuk, This N That, CHKmate, GARDEN / Lyrics by Lee Jin Hyuk / Arranged by This N That

This is a self-composed song written by Lee Jin Hyuk in 2017 and rearranged this time. He expresses his gratitude and determination to not gIVE up on his dreams to his family and fans who support him. The emotional beat of the boom-bap style and the calm yet sincere rap are combined to convey his heart that hasn't changed.

* Album Specifications

- OUTBOX: 1 type (Image differs by version / Total 2 types)

- Book: 80P (Image varies by version)

- Folding POSTer: 1 random insert from 2 types (image varies by version)

- Photo Card: 1 randomly selected from 6 types (image varies by version)

- Pop-up photo card: 1 insert (image varies by version)

- POSTcard: Insert 1 random out of 6 (image varies by version)

- Clear Bookmark: 1 random 1 of 2 (image varies by version / 4 total)

- POSTer: 1 free pOSTer (image varies by version)


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