LEE GIKWANG - 1st Album Predator (JEWEL Ver.)
    • LEE GIKWANG - 1st Album Predator (JEWEL Ver.)

    LEE GIKWANG - 1st Album Predator (JEWEL Ver.)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.04.18

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    WEight: 5


    LEE GIKWANG - 1st Album Predator (JEWEL Ver.)


    1. Predator 

    2. Favorite

    3. 아름답게 (I Can't Do This)

    4. 불안 (Anxiety)

    5. I’m Not You

    6. Out of Control

    7. UnIVErse

    8. Jealous

    9. Goin' Down

    10. Religious

    11. Blind

    12. DIVE

    Lee Ki-Kwang's first full-length album [Predator].

    A story of newness from a man who never changes.

    The story of this album begins with an undersTANding of Lee Ki-Kwang.

    I know him. This business is made up of people who are always sTANding out, always doing something new, always doing something a little different, and people who want to see that. So it's only natural that you're always thinking of something new. Of course, as a part of a group, you think endlessly and come up with various ideas, but I thought that what you can show by yourself is different.

    So this time, I got a little greedy. We made this album with a lot of different aspects that we haven't seen since our debut, including colorful accessories and hats we've never worn before, dark eyeliner and different outfits, songs from different genres that we're trying out, and eye-catching choreography.

    It's always nerve-wracking to show a new side of yourself. In today's world where 'ho-oh' is so obvious, there is also a vague anxiety of what if people don't like the change. But at the end of the day, I would like you to think that this look and that look are all the original looks that Lee Ki-Kwang had.

    The cool choreography comes from his persisTENce in practicing every little move endlessly and thinking about how to make it look the best for the people who will see it on stage; the tight tracklist of 12 songs that will catch your ears comes from his silence, as he has been writing and collecting his own songs for a long time, waiting for the best ones to come out one day; and the various ideas for different outfits and albums come from his sincerity, as he has been thinking and thinking about them constantly.

    The many different sides of himself that he was willing to show, the gap between the different sides of himself that he was willing to show, the gap between the stark changes of someone who really doesn't change, is what makes us love him even more.

    And with so much to show, so many unknowns, so much mystery, we will look forward to the rest of our days together.

    *Album Specifications

    - Album size : 143*125mm

    - Thickness: 10mm

    - Booklet: 24p / 1 type

    - CD-R: 1 type

    - PHOTO CARD : Insert 1 random type out of 9 types


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