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LEE CHANGSUB - reissue 001 SURRENDER (Platform Version)
  • LEE CHANGSUB - reissue 001 SURRENDER (Platform Version)

LEE CHANGSUB - reissue 001 SURRENDER (Platform Version)

Cube Entertainment

Date: 2022.09.07

Format: PVC Card

Weight: 3


LEE CHANGSUB - reissue 001 SURRENDER (Platform Version)



A fatal attraction, an intense emotion that becomes addictive

Lee Changseob Special Single [reissue #001 'SURRENDER']

B2B's Lee Changseob, who attracted attention with his first mini-album [Mark] with his unique musical color, returns with a special single [reissue #001 'SURRENDER'].

The new song 'SURRENDER' is a synth-pop song inspired by the mainstream American culture of the 80s and reinterprets the music of that era with Lee Changseob's unique sensibility. The rhythmic song with its distinctive aesthetic and delicate expressiveness introduces another side of Lee Changseob's charm.

'SURRENDER' sings about the intense feelings of falling in love with someone. Lee's dark, dawn-like voice expresses the precarious, mesmerizing love that becomes addictive the more you try to avoid it, and the process of being assimilated by its deadly charm.

The music video's dreamy, retro vibe enhances the song's mood. In particular, the colorful and mysterious choreography scenes and Lee Chang-seop's charming voice combine to sensually portray the image of someone caught in a dangerous love affair.

Lee Chang-seop's 'SURRENDER' is a song of uncontrollable love, and it's time for us to be mesmerized by him.

Composed by Seo Jae-woo, BIO (B.O.)

Lyrics by 비오 (B.O.)

Arranged by Seo Jae Woo

Background Vocal 비오 (B.O.)

All Instruments 서재우

Recorded by Choi Yeji @ Cube Studio

Mixed by 조씨아저씨 (Asst. Kang Dongho) @ JoeLab

Mastered by Kwon Namwoo (Asst. Eunjin Yoo) @ 821 Sound Mastering



*Album Specifications

- Card holder (CARD HOLDER) : 90mm X 150mm / 1EA

- Photo card album (PVC PHOTO CARD ALBUM) : 54mm X 85mm / 1 of 2 types Random insertion

- Selfie Photo Card (SELFIE PHOTO CARD) : 54mm X 85mm / 1 of 4 types randomly inserted

- Post Card (POST CARD) : 80mm X 110mm / 1 of 2 types randomly inserted

- digital contents (digital contents)

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