KINGDOM - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN
    • KINGDOM - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN

    KINGDOM - History Of Kingdom : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN

    Label: Warner Music

    Release Date: 2023.10.19

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 11


    KINGDOM - History Of KINGDOM : Part Ⅶ. JAHAN


    History Of KINGDOM : Part Ⅶ is the final album of Season 1 of KINGDOM, which created the neologism 'cinematic dol' with a unique worldview that contains the story of the seven KINGDOMs. With the album title of JAHAN, this album is also filled with various and complete tracks.

    It is the album that best expresses the unique musical color of Kingdom, depicting the Kingdom of the Sun with an inTENse sound that does not lag behind its predecessors that showed the best of oriental sound, and decorates the finale of Season 1.

    [Album Specifications]

    COVER (150 mm X 210 mm X 12 mm)

    PHOTO BOOK + CD R (142 mm x 204 mm 68p)

    BOOKMARK CARD (1 random from 7 types)

    PHOTO CARD (1 randomly selected from 7 types for each version)

    SPECIAL POLAROID: 1 random insert from among 21 types (limited to 3 per member, 21 total)

    * Randomly inserted in some of the initial quantities


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