KIM JUNSU - 3rd Mini Album DIMENSION (Random Ver.)
    • KIM JUNSU - 3rd Mini Album DIMENSION (Random Ver.)

    KIM JUNSU - 3rd Mini Album DIMENSION (Random Ver.)

    Label: YG Plus

    Release Date: 2022.03.19

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12


    KIM JUNSU - 3rd Mini Album DIMENSION (Random Ver.)


    1. HANA

    2. 낮은 별

    3. COLOR ME IN

    4. HANA (Inst.)



    His new musical worldview

    Kim Junsu, an artist who will present another new paradigm.

    The third mini album with storytelling that only Kim Junsu can tell.

    After establishing his own label, Kim Junsu, who has continued his wide-ranging activities across various genres, returns to our side as a singer with a new mini-album after a long time. The album is a reflection of his new musical worldview under the theme of "dimension," and is designed to provide deep empathy and emotion through sincere storytelling to those who have been and will continue to be on the same level with him.

    Kim Junsu's new album [DIMENSION], which means dimension, is composed of two versions, 'O' and 'I'. Version 'O' expresses the outward direction of his future musical endeavors, while version 'I' refers to his inner thoughts and reflections as an artist. Starting with the album name 'DIMENSION', TRACK1 'HANA' and TRACK2 'LOW STAR' mean 'one' and 'beginning' and 'inner' and 'connection' respectIVEly. Finally, TRACK3 'COLOR ME IN', which implies 'unknown' and 'togetherness', creates a story with three themes of storytelling.

    In particular, the title track 'HANA' is a message to the fans who have shared many memories and silently supported them for a long time. It is a mumba-toned song that metaphorizes the emotion of love that will never change with the Chinese theme of 'HANA' and expresses it with hot textured instruments like flames. The haRMony between the strings played in pizzicato and the daegeum, a traditional instrument, further emphasizes the theme.

    Only the best vocalist, Kim Junsoo, can create such a strong pull.

    It opens the door to a new dimension and will capture the hearts of fans and lisTENers around the world.


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