• KIM JONGHYUN - 1st Mini Album MERIDIEM

    KIM JONGHYUN - 1st Mini Album MERIDIEM

    Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.11.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10

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    KIM JONGHYUN - 1st Mini Album MERIDIEM


    1. Intro (into the Light)

    2. Blaze

    3. Lights 

    4. 반가워(decalcomanie) (feat.MRCH)

    5. Creator

    6. to.( )

    Jonghyun Kim's 1st Mini Album <MERIDIEM

    "My solo debut album and first mini album for my fans who always shine like a light.

    I captured the meaning of the time I've spent with my fans and the meaning of every day we will spend together in the future."

    Kim Jong Hyun's first mini album is titled MERIDIEM, which means 'noon' in Latin. Noon is the time of day, the center of the day, and it represents a turning point in Jonghyun's career as a solo artist - the momentum of new beginnings and growth.

    MERIDIEM is also produced in two versions, ANTE, which means morning, and POST, which means afternoon, and the story of the before and after of MERIDIEM is visually expressed in the concept photo and jacket photo. The album's story of morning, noon, and afternoon surrounding solo artist Kim Jonghyun is also reflected in the songs, with the title track "Lights" telling the story of Kim Jonghyun after noon - i.e., after his solo debut - and the coupling song "Blaze" expressing Kim Jonghyun's feelings as he faces the upcoming noon.

    The album is an organic combination of concept, visuals, and music, which is further enhanced by Jonghyun's participation. Kim Jong Hyun participated in the entire production process from the planning stage of conceptualizing the album.

    He participated in the lyrics of the title track Lights and the coupling song Blaze, directly expressing the meaning of the album,

    He also expressed his affection for his fans in his self-written songs "Hello" and "To. ( ).

    In MERIDIEM, Kim Jong Hyun expressed the idea of leaving behind fears and worries, the excitement of a new beginning, and the belief in his fans to make a new start through lyrics and song participation.

    In the title track Lights and the coupling song Blaze, he participates in the lyrics and expresses his feelings before and after his solo debut, comparing them to light, the sun, and the moon.

    In addition, the album includes two self-written songs, "Hello" and "to. ( )," which Kim Jonghyun participated in writing and composing, adding even more meaning. <In "Goodbye," Kim Jonghyun expresses his feelings of happiness for his fans after seeing them for a long time, and in "to. ( )," he confesses his honest feelings for his fans and expresses that he will cherish them more in the future.

    Kim Jong Hyun, who has shown his skills as a rap maker and lyricist since his previous group activities, participated in the entire album and proved his potential for unstoppable growth in his first solo album.

    In addition, Creator, track 5, is a song with an end-of-the-century feel, and although Kim Jonghyun did not participate in writing and composing the song, the story of his struggle and self-provement as Creator is in line with the story of the entire album.

    In addition, this album is expected to be an opportunity to expand Kim Jong Hyun's music world as it is composed of songs that can be easily listened to not only by existing fans but also by the public.


    1. Intro (into the Light)

    The first track of the first mini album and the intro song that marks the beginning of his solo career. It is a track that implicitly captures the theme of the album, the time change of morning, noon, and afternoon. ZozoCrew (ELDORADO), who worked on the title track and "Creator," participated in the production. To capture the feelings of both "Blaze" and the title track "Lights", we used bass and guitar in the first half to show the intensity of "Blaze", flucks and synths in the second half to match the brightness of "Lights", and fade out at the end to give the feeling of entering the light. I also narrated the keywords of the album so that you can understand the overall feeling of the album.

    2. Blaze

    <"Blaze" is a song about running toward the noon sun and burning up to be reborn, as the title suggests. It is the counterpart to one of the album's versions of and was written by Kim Jonghyun. As the album's coupling song, it is a hip-hop number that features an addictive melody over a trap beat with the theme of the whistle sound in the intro. Vintage guitars and dynamic synthesizers harmonize with the song. It expresses Jonghyun's ambition to climb higher without settling for the past.

    3. Lights

    The third track is the album's title track, "Lights," which expresses Jonghyun's desire to move forward with excitement instead of worry toward the world and his fans. <If "Blaze" is the album version of "ANTE," "Lights" is the track that corresponds to the time after noon, or "POST," and expresses the idea of meeting the light, going to the moon, and floating in space, in contrast to "Blaze," which runs toward the sun.

    As with the coupling song "Blaze," Kim Jonghyun participated in the lyrics, adding to the meaning. It is a hip-hop dance song that harmoniously combines various instruments, mainly bright flux and vox sounds reminiscent of light. The song expresses Jonghyun's aspiration to be free like light, and since many fans are also the light that illuminates him, the song captures the process of the lights coming together to create harmony.

    4. "Hello

    <"Goodbye" is a song that expresses Jonghyun's excitement to meet his fans after a long time, and how he is excited to see them as they are the "light" that runs through the entire album's theme. MRCH (Machi) participates in the vocals, adding to the song's warm atmosphere.

    The song has a simple instrumental composition with a melody that doesn't have a lot of chords, and a 16-bit clean guitar riff with a not-so-heavy beat to create a light and modern feel. The pluck synth and guitar riffs are punctuated with commas to emphasize the bouncy and exciting feel of the lyrics, and the looped progression that doesn't distinguish much between the main and secondary parts of the song makes for a light and pleasant listen from start to finish.

    5. Creator

    ZozoCrew composed the title track, "Lights," which is about the new beginning of an artist who stands alone, and going my own way to prove my existence.

    It is a song that harmonizes hip-hop based on rock metal, and it contains the anguish and heart of an artist who wants to reveal his own color and identity by matching the intense sound with the sound of electro dance.

    6. to.( )

    The last track with the unusual title is a self-written song by Kim Jonghyun, a fan song from his first mini album. The empty parentheses paradoxically express Jonghyun's desire to call out the names of his fans who have been his light one by one. The song has a special meaning for Jonghyun as well as his fans, as it says that he is not afraid or worried because he has his fans who have been his "light" by his side. To give the feeling of Jonghyun's monologue, I tried to minimize the instrumental track, and the sine pad behind the static piano creates a sense of desolation and emptiness. The scattered synth tones depict the night sky, and the loop rhythm and bass that starts in the second half of the song express the artist's forward movement.

    * Album Specifications

    - Booklet: 72p (Image varies by version)

    - CD-R: 1x (Image varies by version)

    - Postcard : 2 x 1 random insert (Image varies by version)

    - Bookmark: 1 type included (image varies by version)

    - Essential Tag: 1 type included (Image varies by version)

    - Sticker: 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - Photo Card: 2 randomly selected from 15 types (image varies by version)

    - Initial limited poster: 1 poster included (image varies by version)


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