KIM JAE HWAN - Spring Breeze (QR Ver.)
    • KIM JAE HWAN - Spring Breeze (QR Ver.)

    KIM JAE HWAN - Spring Breeze (QR Ver.)

    Label: Stone Music Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.03.21

    WEight: 3


    Kim Jae Hwan - Spring Breeze (QR Ver.)

    Kim Jae-hwan's new song "Spring Wind" is a contemporary pop song that combines retro folk rock with trendy emo trap. The song has an impressIVE introduction that starts with a whistle, and the retro feel of folk rock and trendy trap are harmonized to create an addictIVE melody.

    With a nostalgic lyric about springtime and a mournful vocal, Kim Jae Hwan's "Spring Wind" is a song about the past memories that come to mind when spring arrIVEs and the longing that deepens with it.


    01. Spring Breeze


    - Card holder

    - QR Photo Card (1 type)

    - Random Photo Card (2 random out of 10)

    - Official Photo Card (5 types)

    - Stickers

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