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KIM JAE HWAN - 4th Mini Album THE LETTER (Kit Ver.)
  • KIM JAE HWAN - 4th Mini Album THE LETTER (Kit Ver.)

KIM JAE HWAN - 4th Mini Album THE LETTER (Kit Ver.)

Label: Stone Music Entertainment

Release Date: 2021.12.28

WEight: 9


Kim Jae Hwan - 4th Mini Album THE LETTER (Kit Ver.)


01 별의 목소리

02 다 잊은 줄 알았어

03 우리 사랑은 다신 이뤄지지 않아

04 슈퍼마리오

05 겨울동화

Kim Jae Hwan's new album "THE LETTER" is a mini-album with 5 songs including the title track, "I Thought I Forgot Everything," "Voice of the Stars," "Our Love Will Never Come True Again," "Super Mario," and "Winter Fairy Tale." Kim Jae Hwan wrote and composed all of the songs and produced the album for the first time, incorporating his more mature musical sensibilities throughout.

-About Kit Album

Kit Album is a next-generation music album for smartphones that has the same album structure as a traditional CD album and can be run on smartphones by applying cutting-edge technology. In addition to lisTENing to music and viewing various photos and videos of artists, Kit Album allows users to record, shoot, and share their own music videos using the Kit Studio feature provided by Kit Album. In addition, the fan cafe-type Kitter community inside the singer's album shares music videos, photos, and posts made by fans, creating a place of communication and empathy between fans and artists.

The sales of all kit albums are aggregated in the on-chart and after-chart.

This album comes with instrumentals for all songs.


1. Kim Jae-hwan THE LETTER air kit button type


2. Jaehwan Kim THE LETTER General Box Package


3. Jaehwan Kim THE LETTER Title & 1 credit card


4. 7 x Jaehwan Kim THE LETTER Album Photo Card (85*85mm)

5. 1 x Jaehwan Kim THE LETTER Selfie Photo Card

(54*86mm / 1 lambda out of 4 types)

6. Kit album usage guide (Korean/English) 1 sheet


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