JEONG SEWOON - Quiz (6th Mini Album)
    • JEONG SEWOON - Quiz (6th Mini Album)

    JEONG SEWOON - Quiz (6th Mini Album)

    Label: Starship Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.01.05

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10


    JEONG SEWOON - Quiz (6th Mini Album)


    1. Quiz 

    2. 싱어송라이돌 (Singer-songwridol)

    3. Perfectly

    4. Glow in the show

    5. Always


    7. 17

    Singer-songwriter Jung Sewoon embarks on a new journey in search of 'me'. Filled with his own stories, the new album presents music that only he can present. It's Jung's signature style of music that delIVErs long afterglows in the most relaxed way. It's the first new album in about two years since 2022's mini 5-pack "Where is my Garden!" and it's impressIVE to see a more mature musical presence.

    Like its predecessor, it pours out questions about the world, which are felt between imagination and reality. In particular, the process of inTENse exploration from an observer's point of view is revealed through Jung's detailed emotional expression. It is his way of gaining empathy through honest songs and comfortably expressing his emotions. In the process, Jung Sewoon wrote, composed, and produced the songs, balancing the album harmoniously as a producer and singer.

    The title track, "Quiz," is a medIUm-pop style song in which Jung Sewoon questions everything in the world and provides answers in his own way. The song was written, composed, and arranged by Sun Woo Jung Ah, who also collaborated with Jung Sewoon. The two have long shared inspiration as musical peers, and this time, they wrote, composed, and arranged Jung Sewoon's song together, completing the synergy of 'emotional craftsmen'.

    The song is impressIVE with lyrics that defiantly confront a world where there is no right answer, such as 'My answer is not in sight / The answer sheet made by others cannot explain me / I move differently'. The music video, which started from a wacky imagination, also delIVErs thrilling emotions through various colors of everyday life. The lyrics are comfortable without being overdone and touch everyone's emotions as if confiding in a personal story.

    The track 'Singer Song Raidol', which personalizes Jung Sewoon's story, is also powerful. 'Singer Song Raidol' is a song that gIVEs a glimpse into his thoughts on debuting with an unusual title, becoming a storyteller who tells his own story, and growing into a true singer-songwriter. He wittily expresses his feelings while crossing the two areas represented by bright yellow and strange purple. It is the unique ability of singer-songwriter Jeong Sewoon to deal with ordinary life in a playful way, but also to portray the fleeting aspects of life with a lot of space.

    The album conveys Jung's deepened emotions. All the tracks, which unfold with relaxing words and melodies, harmoniously move toward a single theme. In addition to the title track, "Quiz" and "Singer Song Raidol," she also collaborated with the American alternatIVE pop band Nightly on the addictIVE pop song "sharpie.

    In addition, 'Perfectly', which sings about the feelings of unwavering devotion, and Park Moon Chi, who previously collaborated on various songs, once again contributed to the album with 'Always'. His music, which enhances immersion with vivid details, will continue to develop a richer flavor.

    *Album Specifications

    - PHOTO BOOK : 172x246mm / 84p / 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R : 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / 6 types with 1 random insert (same image for each version)

    - LYRICS POST CARD : 100X152mm / Insert 1 random one from 6 types (Same image for each version)

    *Pre-Order Benefits

    - STICKER SET : 1 SET(3 types) inserted (image differs by version)

    - POLAROID : 110x80mm / Insert 1 randomly selected from 6 types (Same image for each version)


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