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IVE - I'VE MINE (BADDIE Version) (1st Mini Album)
  • IVE - I'VE MINE (BADDIE Version) (1st Mini Album)

IVE - I'VE MINE (BADDIE Version) (1st Mini Album)

Label: Starship Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.10.16

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 10


IVE - I'VE MINE (BADDIE Version) (1st Mini Album)


1. Off The Record 

2. Baddie 

3. Either Way 

4. Holy Moly

5. OTT

6. Payback


IVE, who has become an irreplaceable K-pop household name, is once again heralding a pinnacle moment. This is the beginning of an exciting change for the group, who have taken the initiatIVE with their confident expressions, performances, and music of identity. They are unwavering in their expression. IVE's graph is getting clearer and clearer.

I'VE MINE, their first mini-album, which has become a syndrome in its own right, fluctuates between their distinctIVE colors and radical changes. The new image presented by IVE is impressIVE in that it feels like a theme that goes beyond the music. The message of self-affirmation remains the same, and the attempt at dIVErsity that defies all expectations is sure to exceed everyone's expectations.

Triple title track - IVE's infinite variations

Through this album, IVE shares various images of himself from different perspectIVEs. Through the three titles that express the me seen through the eyes of others ('Either Way'), the me discovered by each other ('Off The Record'), and another me discovered by me ('BADDIE'), the message is infinitely expanded. The way of expression is also dIVErse. The girl's point of view arouses curiosity, while touching on detailed emotions to elicit empathy. The titles of the three songs are conceptualized according to the mood and style of each song, and each song presents a different style and mood to keep listeners interested.

The title track "Either Way" sings about not being free from other people's gaze. Starting with dreamy synths, the song creates a lyrical atmosphere and resonates with the members' emotional vocals. Singer-songwriter Sun Woo Jung-ah sings, "Let's find the real me amidst the misundersTANdings created by the gazes of countless others," depicting the irony of our modern society.

Another pre-release title track, "Off The Record," expresses IVE's way of love in a more familiar way. 'Seojieum', who started with IVE, participated as a lyricist, and expressed the story of girls who are curious about love in the deep night when no one is asleep. 'Off The Record' is a charming song with a rhythmic beat and the various members' voices blending together, depicting IVE's secret nighttime conversations with vivid emotions as if it were a scene from a musical movie, and is a fun song to listen to and watch, expressing the curiosity and outlandish imagination that can only be felt at that moment before becoming an adult.

The final title track, "BADDIE," subverts everyone's expectations. It is a darkly charming song that conveys the message of 'self-confidence' that is IVE's identity, but also presents a completely different 'another me' that is cool and bold. Written by BIG Naughty, the track features an intense trap beat and a unique electric bass sound that overwhelms the listener with its simple yet packed sound. The addictIVE hook and powerful raps from the members are enough to make you feel the charm of I'V like never before.

The first mini-album develops an unpredictable image of infinite expansion while maintaining the unique colors that IVE has shown so far. The penetrating message remains the same. It's a story about 'me', where I talk about my feelings directly and reveal my natural charm without trying to hide it. With a confident expression and a style that appeals to everyone's taste, Ive's syndrome is still going on.

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- DUST JACKET : 566x418mm / 1 type (Image differs by version)

- PHOTO BOOK : 148x210mm / 92p / 1EA (Image varies by version)

- CD-R : 1 type (Image varies by version)

- PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / 1 random insert from 6 types (Image varies by version)

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- STICKER : 70X165mm / 1 of 6 types randomly inserted (image is the same for each version)

- PHOTO : 102X152mm / 1 of 6 types randomly inserted (image differs by version)

▶ LOVED IVE ver.

- DUST JACKET : 566x418mm / 1 type

- PHOTO BOOK : 148x210mm / 92p / 1 item

- CD-R : 1pc

- PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / 1 of 6 types randomly inserted

*Pre-Order Benefits

- FOLDED POSTER : 250x360mm / 1 of 6 types randomly inserted

- POLAROID: 110x80mm / 1 of 6 randomly inserted


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