IVE - I've IVE (Special Version) (1st Album)
    • IVE - I've IVE (Special Version) (1st Album)

    IVE - I've IVE (Special Version) (1st Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.04.29

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 32


    IVE - I've IVE (Special Version) (1st Album)


    1. Blue BLOOd

    2. I AM 

    3. Kitsch 

    4. Lips

    5. Heroine

    6. Mine

    7. 섬찟 (Hypnosis)


    9. 궁금해 (Next Page)

    10. Cherish

    11. Shine With Me

    - I.V.'s irreplaceable presence as a K-Pop game-changer that has become a syndrome

    - "You just have to believe, it's what it seems" IVE's self-assurance - 3 songs written by Ahn Yoo-jin and Jang Won-young...solidified style and message

    IVE, who has created three syndromes in less than a year since his debut, soars to higher heights. From his debut song "ELEVEN" to "LOVE DIVE" and "After LIKE," IVE has won 37 music broadcasting awards with his confident self-assurance and ownership of love, and set a record by winning both the rookie and grand prize at last year's major year-end awards. IVE, a game-changer who completely changed the landscape of the K-pop scene upon their arrival, is once again aiming for their best moment.

    Proving themselves to be a "complete girl group" from the start, I've IVE's first full-length album, "I've IVE," comes about eight months after their million-selling third single, "After LIKE," which was released last August. The album features various variations on keywords such as "self-love, confidence, and freedom," which are part of IVE's identity. The message remains the same: unwavering self-assurance no matter what, neuro chords that combine the old and the new, and a catchy melody and message. IVE's unflappable streak of "shining no matter what path you take" heralds another syndrome.

    "You just have to believe, things are what they seem" - a cONFession of conviction

    Once again, IVE delIVErs a confident message based on self-love. The title track, "I AM," is a stylish song with a strong message of "discovering a different me from yesterday." It is a song that sings about an independent attitude toward life, saying, "Be confident in your path. The song's dynamic dynamics and IVE's explosIVE vocal harmonies maximize its colorful appeal. The assertIVE and hopeful lyrics were written by lyricist Kim Inna, and producer Ryan Jeon completed IVE's unique style.

    The pre-release song "Kitsch" emphasizes IVE's identity, which has been solidified over the past three singles, and is enough to make you feel different from your previous sensibilities. You can feel IVE's elegant beauty and twisted charm that is 'different because it's special'. The song delIVErs an exhilarating feeling by combining various bouncy sounds, and you can feel the colorful charm of IVE, who is always unpredictable. In addition, members Ahn Yoo-jin and Jang Won-young wrote lyrics for three songs, including "Heroine," "Mine," and "Shine With Me," expressing the immersIVE new world of IVE, and Autumn and Ray's rap production further enhanced the album's appeal.

    I've IVE's first full-length album, I've IVE, stands out from the crowd with its familiar yet unique sound, compelling storytelling, colorful visualizations, and confident message. The numbers and the record speak for themselves. Ive shines brightest at the top of the game, and the syndrome is here to stay.

    *album specifications

    - PHOTO BOOK : 304 x 217 mm / 128p

    - CD-R : 1 type

    - STICKER SET : 275 x 145 mm / Insert 2 types (1 set)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85 mm / Random insertion of 1 out of 6 types


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