IU - Real (3rd Mini Album)
    • IU - Real (3rd Mini Album)

    IU - Real (3rd Mini Album)

    Label: Loen Entertainment

    Release Date: 2010.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 8


    IU - Real (3rd Mini Album)


    1. This Is Not What I Thought

    2. The Thing I Do Slowly

    3. Good Day

    4. The Night of the First Breakup

    5. Alone in the Room

    6. Merry Christmas in Advance

    7. Good Day (Inst.)

    18-year-old girl's shy cONFession, "I...I don't know what to do about my brother being good..."


    IU's third mini album [REAL], which established her as a leading female solo artist in the music industry with her innate sensitivity and vocal talent, was co-produced by producer Cho Young Cheol, who has set the trend in the music industry with successive hits such as "Abracadabra," "Nagging," and "Irreversible," and producer Choi Geop Won, who has been working with IU for a long time and understands her musical sensibilities, In addition, Yoon Sang, Kim Hyung-seok, Yoon Jong-shin, Choi Kap-won, Lee Min-soo, Sinsadonghorangi, Kim Inna, Saint binary, Jeon Seung-woo, PJ, Min Woong-sik, and many other top writers in the Korean music industry participated.

    The new album is a reflection of IU's unadorned, natural, and unadulterated self, and the title track, "Good Day," is a self-explanatory hitmaker, composer Lee Min-soo and lyricist Kim Inna, who once again joined forces for IU.

    "Good Day" is a musical in scale, with a grand and dynamic sound centered on a light melody, string arrangement, and funky brass rhythm, while the unique composition features violin, brass, guitar, and organ solos played back and forth with IU. The lyrics of "Good Day" depict the heartache of a girl who likes her brother but is too embarrassed to confess her feelings, expressing the sweet and painful feelings of first love in a pure and honest way. With "Good Day," IU will showcase her explosive vocals and a performance that portrays the shy cuteness of an 18-year-old girl, making the hearts of all 'big brothers' across the country beat faster.

    The album is filled with songs that are all worthy of the title. The first song, "This Isn't It," written by composer Kim Hyung-seok, is IU's first attempt at a Shibuya-style electronic medIUm song, and it features a unique composition that flows throughout the song.

    Kim Hyung-seok, who has always appreciated IU's emotive tone, was able to utilize IU's bright and refined vocals in this song. Yoon Jong-shin's "The Night of My First Breakup" depicts a girl's day after a breakup, and IU's excellent song interpretation and emotionally expresses the feeling of the song. After working on the song, Yoon Jong Shin praised IU, calling her a "coveted singer with both musical sensitivity and intelligence.

    With its sensuous arrangement and sophisticated melody, "A Room Alone" is a song by composer Jeon Seung-woo that showcases IU's deepened tone and refined vocals. In particular, "Room Alone" was written by IU herself, along with lyricist Choi Keop-won, to reflect the emotions of an 18-year-old girl. The wistful ballad number "Slow Things Down" is a collaboration between composer PJ and Min Woong Sik, with lyrics by Choi Kapwon. The song features a lyrical melody based on an acoustic sound that best suits IU's voice and beautiful lyrics about slowing down the process of forgetting someone after a breakup and loving them a little more. "Merry Christmas in Advance" is a confessional song that IU presents to her fans, and MGB's Chunghwa, who has been a friend of IU since they were trainees, raps on the track. With IU's clear voice and cozy arrangement, "Merry Christmas in Advance" is a love song that will color everyone's hearts beautifully this winter.


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