Hyunjun - Backseat
    • Hyunjun - Backseat

    Hyunjun - Backseat

    Label: WEA

    Release Date: May 10 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14


    Hyunjun - Backseat


    1. Backseat

    2. Backseat (Korean Ver.)

    3. Backseat (Inst.)

    Hyunjoon returns with new music as a solo artist!

    His new song "Backseat" tells the story of his growth and transformation as a man, not a boy.

    After finding his own musical color and starting out on his own, Hyunjoon is back with new music as a solo artist, marking a new beginning. From a former idol group member to a singer and actor, Hyunjoon takes on new challenges as he explores his unique charm through various ways of expression.

    "Backseat" reveals his deep longing for true love and fateful encounters. Beginning with the question, "Can you love me the way I love you?", the song honestly and emotionally conveys the feelings of a person in love, and conveys the desire to deeply understand and share their heart with the person they love. The mesmerizing backseat kiss is a cinematic depiction of a moment of inTENse, pure love between two people, conveying the message that these are the signs of a destined love. The song makes the lisTENer fall in love like the hero and heroine in a romance movie, but it also tells a relatable story that is ofTEN experienced in everyday life.

    "Backseat" starts off with a mid-tempo laid-back vibe and refreshing chordal bounces, accompanied by subtle reverberations. The verse adds a groovy bass and rhythmic beat that perfectly complements the sweet vocal harmonies, while the chorus delicately expresses the feelings of two people in love with sweet, seductIVE vocals. In the bridge, enriched vocals and strong falsetto, accompanied by a dreamy arpeggio melody, passionately convey the honest feelings of love as they are confronted with their feelings. A funky synth solo then appears, ending the song beautifully with a sweet melody.

    1. Backseat

    Produced by Geek Boy

    Composed by Geek Boy, Robbie Jay, Valencia

    Lyrics by Robbie Jay

    2. Backseat (Korean Ver.)

    Produced by Geek Boy

    Composed by Geek Boy, Robbie Jay, Valencia

    Lyrics by Ellie, Robbie Jay

    Chorus by Hyunjun, SIAHN

    Vocal Directed by SIAHN

    Recorded by Sung-keun Oh

    Mixed by Sung-keun Oh

    Mastered by Cheon "bigboom" Hoon @SONICKOREA

    [Album Specifications]


    188mm X 254mm X 9mm / 1ea / 1version



    PHOTO BOOK (inside)

    188mm X 254mm / 72P


    55mm X 85mm / Random / 2ea of 12ea

    Film Frame

    100mm X 80mm

    Special Film Card

    100mm X 80mm / Random / 1ea of 4ea


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