Highlight - 4th Mini Album AFTER SUNSET (JEWEL VER.)
    • Highlight - 4th Mini Album AFTER SUNSET (JEWEL VER.)

    Highlight - 4th Mini Album AFTER SUNSET (JEWEL VER.)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.11.08

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 5


    Highlight - 4th Mini Album AFTER SUNSET (JEWEL VER.)


    1. Alone 

    2. PAPER CUT

    3. S.I.L.Y (Say I Love You)

    4. PRIVACY

    5. I Don’t Miss You

    highlight the 4th mini album [after sunset] [after sunset

    May the world we take for granted always be with us.

    It's been six years since we met as Highlight and Light, and we're saying goodbye to another album like this.

    It's so weird to think that we've gone from being just fans and singers, to being the best allies in the world sharing comrades-in-arms, to being best friends who sometimes feel all warm and fuzzy and then share our troubles, and then spend time feeling all the emotions in the world. How did this strange, yet strangely making sense, relationship happen to us, where we may never have met face to face, but we need each other and we draw strength from each other.

    You get energized by looking at us. You smile when you hear us sing. You learn something from us. You tell us that our very existence is a gift, even though you've never met us face to face. You telling us that we are the reason for everything. You've been through so many unfathomable things, cried, laughed, and spent every day with us. You keep looking at us and being happy, even though you haven't done much for us. You make us feel like we deserve everything, even though we don't deserve it.

    In this fast-paced world, we'll probably get lost more often than we do now, and sometimes we'll be confused by a world where common sense doesn't exist the way we used to know it. But we'll still have the courage to do anything once again, and we'll keep trying to be the people we're not ashamed to be. We're going to be better people than we are now, because we know that you, the one who gives us strength, are, after all, a good person.

    And just as night turns to midnight, and then midnight turns to dawn, and then dawn turns to morning, and then morning turns to night, and after a time of darkness, light comes before us, and all of this is so natural, we hope that the days will continue to come when we sing to you as a matter of course, and you listen to us as a matter of course. May we continue to be the kind of people who take it for granted, who sing to you like it's nothing, and yet always be grateful for this time when we can stand before you as ourselves.

    And finally, may this album be another unforgettable season for you.

    #01. Alone

    Lyricist : BXN

    Composed by BXN

    Arranged by BXN

    This is a pop track with retro textures and minimalist colors, but at the same time, it has a retro feel to it, and fills the sound with a simple bass theme and clean drums.

    The irony that everything but you is annoying and meaningless, but the heart filled with you makes me lonely. The dual persona that I feel every moment. The excruciating thirst, but the heart that doesn't hate the feeling, the colorful yet monotone underneath, the painful yet straightforward confession that I'm willing to jump into you. Alone expresses these dual messages in an emotional and sometimes sensual way, showing a love that is casual and paradoxically not light.

    #02. PAPER CUT

    Lyrics : KZ, Kim Tae-young, DINT

    Composer : KZ, TaeYoung Kim, DINT, David Simon

    Arrangement : KZ, TaeYoung Kim

    An up-tempo R&B song with a sophisticated and dreamy piano. Highlights The sophisticated and unique voices of the members and the emotional melody stand out.

    A cut on paper is made unconsciously or in a split second, but once cut, it leaves a long and deep trace. The same is true of the traces left by a departed love. The scars left on the heart break me down more than I realize. I sing about the pain of the damage that is left behind as much as the love that I did.

    #03. S.I.L.Y (Say I Love You)

    Lyrics: Lee Ki-Kwang, Park Sol, NOD

    Composition: Lee Ki-Kwang, Park Sol, NOD

    Arrangement: NOD

    The song has a soft pink synth sound with honest and loving lyrics. As you listen to the song, you can imagine a romantic drama where you naturally fall for the other person.

    In fact, the best part of the song is the title. Say I Love You = S.I.L.Y. They say that everyone becomes a fool when they fall in love, and that's exactly what I am. The sweet vocals of the highlight flow through the heart with the happiness of a person in love, saying I'm stupid to say I love you, but it's so good.

    #04. PRIVACY

    Lyricist: VO3E, Lee Ki-Kwang, Kim Gyung-Jung, ZNEE

    Composed by: VO3E, MLC, Cho Mishael (SINGING BEETLE), Lee Ki-Kwang

    Arranged by : VO3E

    Rhythmic, dreamy, and driving, PRIVACY is a mature and groovy track with a masculine, energetic beat that harmonizes with the mood. The minimalistic yet heavy synth bass and 808 sounds dramatically convey the feeling of admiration and strong attraction to the beauty of the other person in love, and the passionate moment of two people who are in love, with the keyword 'PRIVACY'. It is a unique song where you can enjoy the delicate vocals of the highlight members, dramatic emotions, and the climax of maturity.

    #05. I Don't Miss You

    Lyrics: SOOYOON, Lee Ki-Kwang

    Composed by Moon Kim, Lee Ki-Kwang, $?N (SUN), Bae Minsoo

    Arrangement: $?N (Sun), Bae Minsoo

    An R&B song that merges the painful feeling of not being able to forget your lover with a lyrical melody and Highlight's unique vocals.

    The song flows with the lonely vocals of a heart that knows it's over but doesn't want to let go. The song's groovy rhythm, emotional melody, and HIGHLIGHT's unique sensitivity bring a little early winter.

    * Album Specifications

    - Album size : 143*125mm

    - Thickness: 10mm

    - Booklet: 12p (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 1 type

    - FOLDING POSTER : 4 types (Image differs by version)

    - PHOTO CARD : 1 of 4 types randomly inserted (image varies by version)


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