HAN SEUNG WOO - 3rd Mini Album FRAME (Platform Version)
    • HAN SEUNG WOO - 3rd Mini Album FRAME (Platform Version)

    HAN SEUNG WOO - 3rd Mini Album FRAME (Platform Version)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.06.28

    Weight: 3


    HAN SEUNG WOO - 3rd Mini Album FRAME (Platform Version)


    1. Intro

    2. DIVE Into 

    3. Runnin’ High

    4. Burn

    5. Lovelorn

    6. Flutter

    7. 새벽 끝

    Han Seungwoo 3rd Mini Album [FRAME]

    An album that captures new lIVEs in various frames (FRAME)

    'DIVE Into' is a confession with a message of falling in love

    Finally, Han Seung-woo, the epitome of an all-arounder who has made a wonderful comeback after his military discharge, releases his third solo album [FRAME] in about two years.

    This album [FRAME], which means frame, is different from the previous albums that Han Seung-woo showed in the first and second mini-albums, and is an album with a matured artistic mood. Han Seungwoo's life, our lIVEs in various frames, and the many emotions he feels in the midst of them are truly captured in every song of the album.

    The title track of the third mini-album [FRAME], "DIVE Into," is an R&B hip-hop song that features a minimalist rhythm track, contrasting synth sounds, and Han Seung-woo's own chorus piled high on top of it, and the lyrics convey a sweet message about the feelings of love that are gradually sinking in and the need to be together in a place that is only for two.

    In addition to the title track, the album contains seven songs, including "Intro," which marks the beginning of the album and the beginning of Han Seung Woo; "Runnin' High," a song with an inTENse electro sound that contains Han Seung Woo's aspirations; "Burn," a song about loving passionately at any moment; "Lovelorn," a fresh song that contrasts the funky and exciting rock-punk genre with lyrics about the pain of breaking up; "Flutter," a sweet song about the moment of falling asleep and waking up next to each other; and "End of Dawn," a song about the worries that arise at the end of the dawn without being able to sleep.

    * Album Specifications

    - Album case: 56*87mm / 1 type

    - Mini card (QR type) : 54*85mm / Insert 1 random out of 6 types

    - Official photo card: 54*85mm / 6 types (1 set) inserted

    - Selfie Photo Card : 54*85mm / Insert 2 random types from 12 types

    - Sticker : 54*85mm / 1 type inserted

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