HA HYUN SANG - 1st Album Time and Trace
    • HA HYUN SANG - 1st Album Time and Trace

    HA HYUN SANG - 1st Album Time and Trace

    Stone Music Entertainment

    Date: 2023.04.28

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 8


    HA HYUN SANG - 1st Album Time and Trace


    1. Melancholy

    2. 말야

    3. 시간과 흔적

    4. 하루가

    5. 소년의 방

    6. Laputa

    7. 까만 낮

    8. Good Night

    9. 집에 가는 길

    10. Same Old Song

    11. 파도

    "The dreamy and bittersweet of your everyday life,

    uneasy but beautiful stories of our lives"

    Ha Hyun-sang's 1st album 'Time and Trace'

    Singer-songwriter Ha Hyun-sang releases his first full-length album 'Time and Trace' after his debut.

    Ha Hyun Sang's first full-length album 'Time and Trace' is an album that sings the emotions of youth with his own beliefs and his own way, and he wrote, composed, and arranged all the songs with the emotions he experienced and felt in time to add authenticity. The album's nostalgic tones and romantic sounds are drawn over a variety of genres, including modern rock, alternative rock, ballads, pop, electronica, folk, and acoustic pop, to create a deep musical world unique to Ha Hyun Sang.

    With his first full-length album, "Time and Trace," Ha Hyun Sang will showcase his wide musical spectrum and matured musical abilities, and present a long-lasting album as "singer/songwriter Ha Hyun Sang.

    "It's a repetition of the stories I've always told, but there are stories that are relatively recent and stories that are very old. It's a moderately sad, moderately happy, and slightly unconscious album.


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