GIUK - TURN OVER (1st Mini Album Psycho Xybernetics)
    • GIUK - TURN OVER (1st Mini Album Psycho Xybernetics)

    GIUK - TURN OVER (1st Mini Album Psycho Xybernetics)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2023.04.21

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12

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    GIUK - TURN OVER (1st Mini Album Psycho Xybernetics)


    1. Intro : 새 지구 (X)

    2. 제0호선 시간역행 (TIME MACHINE) (2100)

    3. 꽃에 물 안 주고 피길 원하네 (UNBLOWN) (Feat. Aden) (2020)

    4. 자기중심적 (EGO) (Feat. NIIHWA) (2021)

    5. LOVE VIRUS❤ (Feat. SUNWOO) (2050)

    6. 멸종 위기종 (RARITY) (2062)

    7. XYBERNETIC (Feat. KAMI) (2077)

    8. APOCALYPSE (2090)

    giuk 1st mini album

    [Psycho Xybernetics : TURN OVER]

    ONEWE's GIUK makes his solo debut with his first mini album [Psycho Xybernetics : TURN OVER]!

    A time machine without a last train, the day they meet again with the title track 'Line 0 Time Travel'

    On April 20, Kiwook, a member of the talented band ONEWE, will debut as a solo musician with the release of his first mini album, "Psycho Xybernetics : TURN OVER. In addition to playing bass and rapping in ONEWE, Kiwook also has the ability to write, compose, arrange, and produce his own music, showing a wide musical spectrum with no limits.

    This 'Psycho Xybernetics : TURN OVER' album is his first solo debut, and it's his ambition to fulfill his goals by putting everything together. The album is a self-produced album in which he participated in writing, composing, and arranging all the songs, and will showcase his musical abilities as a solo artist.

    The title track "TIME MACHINE (2100)" is a self-composed song by Kiwook. The electronic sound throughout the song creates the feeling of being in a time machine with a funk twist. The repetitive lyrics and chord progression are haunting, and the dynamics are composed to create a sense of lost emotions.

    This first mini album 'Psycho Xybernetics : TURN OVER' includes the title track 'TIME MACHINE (2100)', 'Intro : New Earth (X)', 'I want you to water and bloom (UNBLOWN) (Feat. Aden) (2020), 'Self-centered (EGO) (Feat. NIIHWA) (2021)', and 'I want you to be a part of the world (NIIHWA) (2020)'. NIIHWA) (2021)', 'LOVE VIRUS? (Feat. SUNWOO) (2050)', 'Endangered Species (RARITY) (2062)', 'XYBERNETIC (Feat. KAMI) (2077)', and 'APOCALYPSE (2090)' are all self-written tracks with a total of 8 tracks, and a solid lineup of featured artists is raising expectations.

    Kiwook is making his solo debut with ONEWE, a band that has established itself as a 'trusted band'.

    As he has always pursued bold and challenging music, it is expected that he will appear in front of the public with a new look.

    *Album Specifications

    - FOIL BAG PACKAGE : 190*280mm / 1EA

    - CD-R : 118*118mm / 1 type

    - PHOTO BOOK : 148*210mm / 72P / 1 item

    - LYRICS POSTER : 444*420mm / 1 insert

    - FOLDED POSTER : 444*420mm / 1 insert

    - ACCORDION CARD : 148*210mm / 12P / 1 insertion

    - STICKER : 140*200mm / 1 piece inserted

    - ORNAMENT : 100*85mm / 1 type inserted

    - PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Insert 2 random out of 12 types

    - ID CARD : 85*55mm / Insert 1 random out of 3 types

    - FILM MARK : 105*60mm / Insert 1 random type from 3 types

    - Initial Limited POSTER : 405*610mm / 1 randomly selected from 3 types


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