GIUK (ONEWE) - 現像 : 소년의 파란 (LICON Version) (2nd Mini Album)
    • GIUK (ONEWE) - 現像 : 소년의 파란 (LICON Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    GIUK (ONEWE) - 現像 : 소년의 파란 (LICON Version) (2nd Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.12.28

    Weight: 3


    GIUK (ONEWE) - 現像 : 소년의 파란 (LICON Version) (2nd Mini Album)


    1. Intro : Foreverest (영원의 숲)

    2. 내 영혼에 낸 Scratch

    3. 보도블록123 (Block123) (Feat. 문별of MAMAMOO)

    4. 추월 (Overtake)

    5. Happy or Not? (Feat. RARE, Gray Dot)

    6. Penrose Stairs (Feat. 용용(YongYong), 이도 of ONEUS)

    7. My Blue

    8. Outro : 한 소년의 촛불 (Dresden)

    ONEWE's Kiwook releases his second mini-album "現像(phenomenon): Boy's Blue" featuring a scene from a movie

    Title track "Scratch on My Soul," about fading memories and cherished memories

    On November 15, Kiwook, a member of the talented band ONEWE, returned with his second mini album "現像 : Boy's Blue" after about seven months. Kiwook, who has demonstrated a wide musical spectrum since his debut and has proven his unique and unwavering musicality, will also show his artistic presence by self-producing the entire album.

    While his first mini album, "Psycho Xybernetics : TURN OVER," released in April, presented a 'time travel' through the KEYword 'time machine' that contained various times, this second mini album, "現像 : Boy's Blue," centers on the KEYword 'movie' and explores the feelings of youth every moment through various genres. If you follow the track list one by one, which contains deeply engraved emotions like a scene in a movie, you will eventually meet a movie called 'Kiwook'.

    The title track, "Scratch on My Soul," is Kiwook's self-writTEN song, which features a melodic piano line and expresses the fading of precious memories with a lyrical and magnificent band sound.

    This second mini-album, "現像 : Boy's Blue," includes the title track, "Scrarch to My Soul," as well as "Intro : Foreverest," "Sidewalk Block123 (Feat. Moon Byul of MAMAMOO)," "Overtake," "Happy or Not? (Feat. RARE, Gray Dot)', 'Penrose Stairs (Feat. YongYong, Ido of ONEUS)', 'My Blue', and 'Outro : One Boy's Candle (Dresden)' are all self-written tracks with a total of 8 tracks.

    * Album Specifications

    - Package : 65*100mm / 1pc

    - NFC Card : 54*86mm / 1EA

    - Message Card : 108*86mm / 1pc inserted

    - Photo Card : 54*86mm / Insert 3 random out of 9 types


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