Girls' Generation (SNSD) - 1st Album

Girls' Generation (SNSD) - 1st Album



Label: SM Entertainment KR

Date: 2007.11

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4

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1. 소녀시대(Girls' Generation) 
(Lyrics by 이승철, Composed by 송재준Arranged by kenzie) 
2. Ooh La-La! 
(Lyrics by 윤효상 Composed by Steve Lee Arranged by 안익수) 
3. Baby Baby 
(Lyrics by 황성제(BJJ),유제니 Composed, Arranged by 황성제(BJJ)) 
4. Complete 
(Lyrics by 조윤경 Composed by Jan Lysdahl,Ingrid Skretting Arranged by 홍석) 
5. Kissing you 
(Lyrics by 이재명,권윤정 Composed, Arranged by 이재명) 
6. Merry-go-round 
(Lyrics by 김정배 Composed, Arranged by kenzie) 
7. 그대를 부르면(Tears) 
(Lyrics by 김석현(Avenue47) Composed, Arranged by 박기완(Avenue47)) 
8. Tinkerbell 
(Lyrics by 조윤경 Composed by Ingrid Skretting Arranged by kenzie) 
9. 7989
(Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by 강타) 
10. Honey(소원) 
(Lyrics by 권윤정Composed by Ingrid Skretting(Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB)
Arranged by kenzie)
11. 다시 만난 세계(Into the new world) 


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