FANTASY BOYS - NEW TOMORROW (Platform version) (1st Mini Album)
    • FANTASY BOYS - NEW TOMORROW (Platform version) (1st Mini Album)

    FANTASY BOYS - NEW TOMORROW (Platform version) (1st Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.09.23

    Weight: 3


    FANTASY BOYS - NEW TOMORROW (Platform version) (1st Mini Album)


    1. New Tomorrow

    2. One Shot

    3. Shangri-La

    FANTASY BOYS official debut, 1st MINI ALBUM 'NEW TOMORROW' released

    - The first appearance of FANTASY BOYS, a next-generation boy group created by the public through 'Boys' Fantasy - After School Excitement Season 2'

    - Shout out your precious promise for the tomorrow you will create with Bandi through your first album 'NEW TOMORROW', which contains the boy's excitement and passion!

    FANTASY BOYS (Soul, Kang Min-seo, Lee Han-bin, Hikari, Linqi, Hikaru, Kim Wooseok, Hong Seong-min, Oh Hyun-tae, Kim Gyu-rae, K-Dan) debuted with their first mini album 'NEW TOMORROW' on September 21st. FANTASY BOYS, who debuted with the public's choice through the global boy group survival audition program 'Boys' Fantasy - After School Excitement Season 2' launched by MBC in collaboration with Naver and Funky Studio, is promising a sparkling future through their first mini album 'NEW TOMORROW'. It conveys the boy's excitement for the future and his ambition to move forward vigorously.

    'New Tomorrow', a song about our first meeting and a sparkling future

    Even though the boy's excitement is imperfect, its light is brilliant. Through their first mini-album 'New Tomorrow' and the title song of the same name, FANTASY BOYS sing about the JOY of welcoming a long-awaited brilliant moment and the excitement of welcoming a new tomorrow that we will draw together in the future. The included song 'One Shot' contains the aspiration to ignite the hearts of the public using unquenchable passion as a weapon. 'Shangri-La' tells the story of how the morning sunlight that passes through the invisible darkness and the warmth of 'you' next to me are as enchanting as a dream.

    Through this album, FANTASY BOYS plans to impress the public with their presence by expressing excitement, the most beautiful emotion a boy can have. We praise the FANTASY BOYS who will be shining in the future and look forward to their continued progress. Even if the journey feels reckless, if the memories you build are precious, they will shine forever.

    * Album specifications

    - ALBUM CASE: 56*87*8mm / 1 type

    - MINI CARD (QR PHOTOCARD): 54*85mm / 1 type

    - SELFIE PHOTOCARD: 54*85mm / 2 types inserted randomly out of 11 types

    - OFFICAIAL PHOTOCARD: 54*85mm / 4 random types inserted out of 22 types

    - STICKER: 54*85mm / 1 type insert


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