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ENHYPEN - DIMENSION : ANSWER (YET Version) (1st Album Repackage)
  • ENHYPEN - DIMENSION : ANSWER (YET Version) (1st Album Repackage)

ENHYPEN - DIMENSION : ANSWER (YET Version) (1st Album Repackage)

Label: Stone Music Entertainment

Release Date: 2022.01.11

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 17


ENHYPEN - DIMENSION : ANSWER (YET Version) (1st Album Repackage)

'Global K-Pop Rising Star' ENHYPEN Releases 1st Repackaged Album 'DIMENSION : ANSWER'!

'DIMENSION : ANSWER' is the story of seven boys who rejected the right answer set by the world...'DIMENSION : ANSWER'

Title track 'Blessed-Cursed'...The boys realize that everything was a curse, not a blessing.

'Global K-pop rising star' ENHYPEN has released their first repackaged album 'DIMENSION : ANSWER'.

Following their debut album 'BORER : DAY ONE' on November 30, 2020, and their second mini album 'BORDER : CARNIVAL' on April 26, 2021, ENHYPEN, who broke their own record with their first full-length album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA' on October 12, 2021, and emerged as a 'global K-pop rising star' beyond the 'fourth generation hot icon', returned with their repackaged album 'DIMENSION : ANSWER' after more than three months.

ENHYPEN's 1st full-length repackaged album 'DIMENSION : ANSWER'

"The story of seven boys who rejected the world's answer and decided to find our own 'answer'"

ENHYPEN portrayed a group of boys connected to a new world through the previous 'BORDER' series. In 'BORDER: DAY ONE', the boys expressed their complicated feelings before their debut, and in 'BORDER: CARNIVAL', they expressed their honest feelings about the different world they faced after their debut, and in the new 'DIMENSION' series, they express the story after realizing that the other world they entered was "more complicated and contradictory than they thought, a world of new dimensions (DIMENSION)".

In "DIMENSION : DILEMMA," the first installment of the "DIMENSION" series, the boys are connected to various "desires" in a complex world and are faced with the dilemma of not being able to easily decide which desire to pursue. Experiencing the contradictions and cONFlicts of their desires, the boys were cONFused and nervous, but they decided to do what they could right now and rushed forward, thinking, "Maybe I can find the answer."

The boys, who became different from before by recognizing their desires, began to think about "How should I lIVE? Who am I?" and realized one important fact: "The world is wrong." This album, DIMENSION : ANSWER, tells the story of the boys who became suspicious and distrustful of the world and decided to focus on the present instead of following the prescribed answers.

The world always said to the boys. "How long are you going to lIVE like that? Get a grip on reality and wake up!" The conventional logic of winning the competition led the boys to ask: "Is it all right if I lIVE the way the world says?", "Where will I go then?", "What will become of me?". But the world as reflected on social media was a mess. When the boys realized how messed up the world around them was, they lost trust in a society that pushed them to win competitions and the "right answers" that society gave them.

The boys eventually decide to find their own way, not the logic of society. Of course, they still don't know what "our way" is, just as they don't know what the right answer is when faced with their desires. They decide to make their current life a 'new life' with the thought of "surviving this day and focusing on the present," and for the first time, they begin to experience a slightly different path than the one set by society.

Title track 'Blessed-Cursed'...Boys who have thrown off their shackles

"The conditions that surround me, the order of the world, blessings or curses, I'm in charge now"

The boys have always played the game of winning from a position of advantage, so the conditions that have been gIVEn to them and the order of the world that they have tried to tame have been considered Blessed, but now they realize that they have been Cursed. They also realize that if they continue to follow the conditions and the order of the world as they have been, things could easily work out just fine.

Having witnessed firsthand how messed up the world is, and realizing the state of the world around them, they no longer want to trap themselves in this cycle, whether everything is a blessing or a curse. The title track, "Blessed-Cursed," is a song about the boys shouting that they're in charge of their own lIVEs and that no one should interfere anymore.

The boys' distrust of society and their inability to find answers are expressed in two concepts, 'NO' and 'YET'. In the 'NO' concept, the boys' cynical view of the world that used to weigh them down and interfere with them is revealed. When they realize that the world has been deceiving them, they express their dissatisfaction boldly, and the meaningless spaces shrink in their gaze as they realize the truth. In the 'YET' concept, the boys are set in a vast meadow. Their faces show a mixture of anxious emotions such as "Will I be able to do well?" and complex emotions such as "Let's lIVE in reality!".

ENHYPEN, who completed a refreshing performance with the title track "Tamed-Dashed" of "DIMENSION : DILEMMA" by showing various point choreographies such as "fan dance" and "kick-off dance," will showcase a powerful and intense performance with the title track "Blessed-Cursed. The intro choreography to the rocking guitar sound and the powerful hip-hop bass elements that are incorporated throughout the performance are eye-catching, while the song is also filled with various point choreographies. From the "prayer dance," which expresses a prayer-like movement to the lyrics "in the midst of fake blessings," to the "lion dance," which depicts a weighty and powerful walk like the "lion" in the lyrics "walk like a lion," to the "fight dance," which utilizes the intense and dynamic feel of the song by putting fists in front of the face, various point choreographies complete ENHYPEN's energetic performance.

The music videos are also noteworthy. The music video for "Blessed-Cursed" utilizes the current trend of "end of the century" to capture a retro mood. In the music video, the seven members are immersed in a space composed of colors and structures reminiscent of the 1990s and 2000s, each expressing complex and confusing emotions in their own way. Along with this, ENHYPEN's trademark powerful military dance moves were performed on a set that featured primary colors with various lighting to perfectly recreate the feelings of the era. In particular, the scene in which the members count down to the new year, which is moving into the 2000s, is a straightforward presentation of the era that the music video is meant to represent, the 'end of an era' sentiment of the era, and the retro mood that it utilizes, which further enhances the viewing experience.

'DIMENSION : ANSWER' will feature three additional songs, including the title track 'Blessed-Cursed', in addition to the eight songs included in the previous album 'DIMENSION : DILEMMA'. 'Polaroid Love', which tells the story of boys who feel special about the emotion of love they already knew through Polaroid photos and believe that our unique moments captured in photos will last forever, and 'Outro : Day 2', which closes the album, have been added. With 11 songs of various genres, this repackaged album is expected to satisfy lisTENers.

One of the most anticipated K-Pop groups!

"Moving beyond '4th generation hot icons' to 'global K-Pop rising stars'"

ENHYPEN's first full-length album, "DIMENSION : DILEMMA," sold over 810,000 copies in its first week, setting a new record for the group and the highest first-week album sales ever for a fourth-generation K-pop boy group. The album also topped the Daily Album Chart, Weekly Album Chart, and Combined Weekly Album Chart on Japan's Oricon chart, and peaked at No. 11 on the U.S. BillBoArd 200, BillBoArd's main album chart, seven spots higher than their second mini album "BORDER : CARNIVAL.

In particular, ENHYPEN became a "million seller" in less than a year after its debut, with cumulatIVE sales of 1.13 million copies of "DIMENSION : DILEMMA" on the October 2021 Gaon Monthly Album Chart. ENHYPEN, who have shown unparalleled growth with each album release and have established themselves as one of the most prominent groups on the global K-pop scene, are set to continue their rise with this repackaged album of their first full-length album.


1. Intro : Whiteout

'Intro : Whiteout', which marks the beginning of the album, is a continuation of 'Outro : The Wormhole', which concluded the previous album 'BORDER : CARNIVAL'. The song expresses the feeling of losing all senses in front of a multifaceted and hyper-dimensional world that you encountered through a wormhole. It is a song in the breakbeat genre with a synth sound that makes you feel out of breath, a breakbeat with a trendy groove, and a chorus of ENHYPEN members.

2. Tamed-Dashed

'Tamed-Dashed' is a new wave genre song with a 1980s sensibility, featuring guitar and synthesizer sounds reminiscent of the 1980s. The song discusses the question of whether to be 'tamed' by desire or 'dashed' from it, and the dilemma of choice. The grungy bass sound and powerful EDM-style synth bass make the song feel like it's racing, but at the same time, it's very charismatic.

3. Upper Side Dreamin'

This is an electro funk song with an old-school feel and a modern twist. It captures the heart of a boy who is in a dilemma as he looks at his father's 'Upper Side' and compares his own appearance in reality with the desire that is boiling inside him, such as 'If I'm a little more successful, I can lIVE there' and 'I want to be a part of that world'. Various sound sources such as scratch sounds, vocal effects, and other nostalgic sounds captivate the listener and make the rhythm flow naturally.

4. I didn't know

An acoustic, easy listening song, "I didn't know" tells the story of a boy who meets "you" who is different from everyone else he has ever met in his perfect world. A boy who believes he can control everything is confronted with an unfamiliar 'you'. Although he is very embarrassed by this situation, he continues to fall in love with you, and he doesn't hate this feeling. You can feel the matured atmosphere of ENHYPEN, who used to sing about love in '10 Months', which depicts the love of a boy who is clumsy but affectionate, and 'Not For Sale', which depicts the emotional changes experienced when meeting someone who wants to gIVE everything without anything in return.

5. Go Big or Go Home (Go Big or Go Home)

"Go Big or Go Home" speaks to the minds of today's boys who are used to the extreme probabilities of 100 (jackpot) or 0 (losing) in lotteries, stocks, etc. The idea that life is an all-or-nothing proposition, that it will either go well or badly, that it will either go big or go home, somehow fills them with the conviction that their life will go big or go home. It is a song in the EDM genre that combines disco and tech house.

6. Blockbuster (Like an Action Movie) feat. Fed of TOMORROW X TOGETHER

"Blockbuster (Like an Action Movie) feat. Yeonjun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER" is a song in the Hybrid Hip-Hop genre that combines Pop Rock and Rap, which reflects a boy's desire to lIVE like the hero of a cathartic action movie. The song is full of ambition and confidence to make the world revolve around 'me' as the lyrics "The protagonist born with destiny / The world unfolds according to my will", and the guitar distortion effect used in the song creates intense energy. The rap feature was performed by Hybrid Labels senior artist Yeonjun of Tomorrow by Together.

7. AtTENtion, please!

A 1990s alternatIVE rock song, "Attention, please!" sings about a boy who is struggling with popularity and love. The boy wants to become an 'insa' by gaining people's attention, but the boy's favorite girl, 'you', doesn't like the popular boy. The dilemma of whether to be popular or to win the heart of 'you' is expressed with distorted electric guitar, bassy 808 bass, and intense drum sounds.

8. Interlude : Question

'Interlude : Question' is a big beat-based jazz and soul song. It combines vintage strings and brass sounds with a future bass progression. The questions that the boys ask themselves, such as "What should I do?" and "Who am I?" as they recognize the complex world and their changing selves, hint at the connection to their next album. Heeseung, Jay, and Jake participated in the narration.

9. Blessed-Cursed

"Blessed-Cursed", the title track of the 1st repackaged album 'DIMENSION : ANSWER', tells the story of the boys who thought that the conditions they were gIVEn were blessed, but realized that everything was actually cursed, as the song says, "Wake Up now, I wanna be on my way in a fake blessing". It's a hybrid hip-hop genre that combines hip-hop and 1970s hard rock, with the rough and raw feel of hard rock guitars and a polished, intense hip-hop sound.

10. Polaroid Love

'Polaroid Love' is a pop R&B song with an easy lisTENing EP sound and sweet vocals. For the boys who are familiar with the emotion of love, the raw Polaroid photos "don't even have common filters" and look ugly, but "But I love that vibe," and somehow feel new and special. For these boys, love and Polaroids are similar. "Love, that stupid emotion, why get hung up on it, it's so predictable," they think, "but my heart leaps". And the boys realize that the moments captured in the photo are not just a fad or a craze that will fade away, but will remain forever and special.

11. Outro : Day 2

'Outro : Day 2', which concludes 'DIMENSION : ANSWER', is a rock-based ambient track with a gated synth at the beginning that captivates the lisTENer and creates a cosmic sound. It tells the story of a group of boys who, after a hectic day, find themselves on their second day and realize that there is an empty space in their diary or planner that they must now fill.

** ConTENts

- 1CD

- Component holder: 1 of each version / W161 H218

- Photo book: 1 of each version / W161 H218 / NO 112p, YET 116p

- Lyric book (bound in photobook): W120 H170, 28p

- Selfie Photo Card: 1 of 7 versions / W54 H86

- InsTANt Photo Photo Card: 1 of 7 versions / W54 H86

- Photo STANd: 1 of each version / W150 H 105

- Transparent Photo Bookmark: 1 of 7 variants / W65 H 160

- Paper dice: 1 of each version / W120 H180

- Sticker: 1 of each version / W120 H120

- Limited POSTer: 1 of each version / W390 H570

- Limited OS Brochure: 1 of each version W297 H190

- Limited autographed insTANt photo: 1 random insert out of 350 total


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