DXMON - HYPERSPACE 911 (POCAALBUM) (1st Single Album)
    • DXMON - HYPERSPACE 911 (POCAALBUM) (1st Single Album)

    DXMON - HYPERSPACE 911 (POCAALBUM) (1st Single Album)

    Label: genie Music

    Release Date: May 17 2024

    Format: QR Card

    Weight: 3


    DXMON - HYPERSPACE 911 (POCAALBUM) (1st Single Album)


    1. 소년…소녀를 만나다(Girls, Love boys, Love girls)

    2. Vitamin You

    3. Feel The Vxbe

    5th generation performance dol DXMON's first single album 'HYPERSPACE 911' released on May 14th!

    Total of 3 songs including the title track 'Boy...Meets Girl'

    Music that expresses love and youthful emotions with DXMON's unique colors

    SSQ Entertainment's DXMON is making a comeback with their new album "HYPERSPACE 911" on May 14th.

    DXMON, who established himself as a fifth-generation performance idol with his debut album "HYPERPSACE" on January 17th.

    With the "Sunshine Challenge," DXMON participated in more than 30 teams from the entertainment industry and beyond, and ended their first activity by leaving a strong impression on the public.

    With a super-fast comeback in three months, this album consists of songs that showcase DXMON's unique charm and musical spectrum with "Boy...Meet Girl," "Vitamin You," and "Feel The Vxbe.

    In particular, the first single "HYPERSPACE 911" is an exTENsion of the debut album and captures DXMON's past.

    01. Boys...Meet Girls (Girls, Love boys, Love girls)

    'Girls, love boys, love girlsLove with the same temperature

    TOO hot, TOO shine,love at the same speed'

    'Boys... Meet Girls' is an emotional EP that blends synths with groovy bass and drums. Based on the rhythmic house genre, DXMON's sweet vocals are added to the song, and you can feel their unique vibe.

    02. Vitamin You

    'Vitamin A? Vitamin B?

    내약은Vitamin you you '

    'Vitamin You' is a song with a unique vibe that combines future synthesizer sounds and rhythmic trap drums. It starts with inTENse rapping and captivates lisTENers' ears with sweet singing in the chorus, expressing DXMON's loving emotions.

    03. Feel The Vxbe

    'Feel the vxbe, Vroom!

    Just move and feel it'

    'Feel The Vxbe' is a song where you can feel the new vibe of DXMON's passion and ambition. It's a hip-hop song with a message that says, 'No one can stop us, we're going our own way!

    They will present 'Boy...Meets Girl' on May 14 at 6 p.m. and will present the upgraded musical spectrum and unique charm of the 5th generation representatIVE performance dolodaimon to the public.


    - PHOTOSTAND PACKAGE + SLEEVE 85 x 130 mm / 1EA / 2VER.

    - QR CARD 55 x 85 mm / 1EA (RANDOM 1 OUT OF 2) / 2VER.

    - PHOTOCARD 55 x 85 mm / 2EA (RANDOM 2 OUT OF 12)

    - STICKER 70 x 90 mm / 2EA / 2VER.


    - USER GUIDE 55 x 85 mm / 1EA


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