DKB - HIP (Random Version) (7th Mini Album)
    • DKB - HIP (Random Version) (7th Mini Album)

    DKB - HIP (Random Version) (7th Mini Album)

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    Date: 2023.12.01

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14

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    DKB - HIP (Random Version) (7th Mini Album)

    GO, HIGH Version Random


    1. Ghost Ridah (Wow Wow)

    2. What The Hell

    3. 겁이나 (Me, Me & You)

    4. Slush

    5. 쏘아 올려 (Fireworks)



    -Photo book 190x250mm 84p

    -Postcard 140x90 mm (1 of 8)

    -Photocard 55x85 mm 1 of 8

    -Polaroid Photo Card 55x85 mm 1 of 8

    -1 x 1 of 8 film photo cards 55x85mm

    -1 sticker 90x120 mm

    -1 x Poster 760x520mm

    Product Description

    '다크비(DKB) the 7th Mini Album [HIP]'

    'Covering the paint over the obvious sketch, I step on it as I wanted Yeah'

    - 'The 4th generation dark horse' DKB releases the 7th mini album [HIP]...'Team colors have become more solid'

    - 'What The Hell', the title track, is a powerful performance...'Dark Rain's intense transformation'

    DKB, the 'fourth generation dark horse', releases its seventh mini album [HIP] and further solidifies the group's identity. The new album, "HIP," reflects the group's ambition to discover their true selves and grow steadily, free from the gaze and judgment of others.

    DARKBEE, who diligently returned to the side of their fans with their mini 7th album "HIP" in about 3.5 months after their last album "We Love You," makes a strong transformation with the title track "What The Hell. They will showcase the essence of their high performance with their signature full-power performance, organized movement, and energetic dance breaks.

    The title track "What The Hell" is a hip-hop dance song based on SYNTH BASS and GLITCH HOP. As you can feel from the lyrics "Where there are only piercing gazes / The world that has gone crazy / Tie me up again / I only want to walk in line / You must", "Steps only go straight forward", and "Follow the path that shines unblinkingly", DARKBEE has the ambition to overcome any hardships and adversities that come in front of the group, and you can feel the solidified team color of DARKBEE through their powerful performance.

    DARKBEE's seventh mini-album [HIP] contains five tracks, including the title track "What The Hell," "Ghost Ridah (Wow Wow)," which is full of HIP charm, "Me, Me & You (Me, Me & You)," which is a charming combination of Jersey club rhythm and Vox samples, "Slush," which captivates listeners with a dreamy atmosphere, and "Fireworks," a fan song that expresses the moment with fans as fireworks.

    It is expected that DARKBEE will heat up the second half of this year with more solid team colors and intense performances.


    01. Ghost Ridah (Wow Wow)

    The first track of the album, "Ghost Ridah (Wow Wow)," is a groovy, mid-bass, hard-hitting song based on the Rage Hip Hop sound. The fun elements and themes of the song elevate the mood of the music, and it captures the hip charm of DKB.

    02. What The Hell

    The title track 'What The Hell' is a hip-hop dance song based on SYNTH BASS and GLITCH HOP with a simple yet impactful chorus. The ambition of being able to overcome any hardships and adversity in front of the group 'DKB' is contained in the sentence "What The Hell" and you can feel the powerful performance of DKB.

    03. 겁이나 (Me, Me & You)

    "Me, Me & You" is an attractive song with a Jersey club rhythm and the right harmony of drums and Vox samples, and DKB's emotional voice stands out. The lyrics contain feelings for the opposite sex, and the excitement and fear of confession are expressed in a fun way with the words "I'm scared".

    04. Slush

    The song 'Slush' is a minimal hip-hop R&B song with a dreamy atmosphere. Like a melted slush, it tells the story of a man who falls in love with her charm.

    05. 쏘아 올려 (Fireworks)

    "Fireworks" is a popularized song based on hip-hop and band sounds. It contains the hope of 'DKB' to shoot up high like fireworks and bear colorful fruits, and the fans (BB) are the fire, and 'DKB' is the firecracker, and it is a fan song that expresses the warm memories in the heart like fireworks, and the feeling that this moment with 'DKB' and fans is also a valuable memory.


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