Crush - with HER
    • Crush - with HER

    Crush - with HER


    Date: 2020.11

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 4


    Crush - with HER


    1. 놓아줘 (with 태연)
    2. Tip Toe (with 이하이)
    3. 춤 (with 이소라)
    4. Step By Step (with 윤미래)
    5. She Said (with BIBI)

    Stories, voices, feelings, emotions, reverberations, silhouettes.


    1. Let Go (with Taeyeon)

    Smooth R&B/Soul based song with warm guitar playing over a wistful piano melody and harmonies between Taeyeon and Crush. The voices of two men and women who feel the end is near. Did she know it was coming?

    2. Tip Toe (with Lee Hae Yi)

    A reinterpretation of 90s R&B, you can feel the chemistry between Lee and Crush over a soulful beat. He sneaks up on her, almost touching her. Without anyone knowing.

    3. Dance (with Isora)

    Isora and Crush perform this song in a very different way from the traditional bossa nova, and "Dance (with Isora)" is characterized by its beautiful melody and lyrics. She walked away, and he thought he would never dance again, but before he knew it, he was dazzled by her sparkling starlight.

    4. Step By Step (with Yoon Mirae)

    This song, with its colorful arrangement, creates a rich sound, and Yoon Mirae and Crush revisit 90s R&B. Slowly, step by step, she opens her heart and approaches you.

    5. She Said (with BIBI)

    An R&B track with hip-hop elements, "She Said" is a song with strong expressions. Four years after writing this song, she (BIBI) finally said it.


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