CRAVITY - SUN SEEKER (SEEKER – night VER.) (6th Mini Album)
    • CRAVITY - SUN SEEKER (SEEKER – night VER.) (6th Mini Album)

    CRAVITY - SUN SEEKER (SEEKER – night VER.) (6th Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.09.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 20


    CRAVITY - SUN SEEKER (SEEKER – night VER.) (6th Mini Album)

    CRAVITY - 6th Mini Album SUN SEEKER (SEEKER – night VERSION)


    1. Cheese 

    2. Ready or Not 


    4. Vibration

    5. 9 o’clock

    6. LOVE FIRE

    CRAVITY 6th Mini Album [SUN SEEKER]

    - CRAVITY's signature, 6th mini album full of youth [SUN SEEKER]

    - 'Ready or Not', the Infinite love of youth that wants to throw everything to win 'Ready or Not'

    - Serim-Allan-Uvin, participated in writing and composing... Infinite Growth of CRAVITY

    KRAVITY, who has unfolded an unrivaled youth narratIVE, sings about the excitement of youth. With this album, KRAVITY, who is recording steep growth at a career high, will prove to be an artist who has grown to the next level by expanding their story, establishing their style, and furthermore, perfecting their teamwork.

    [We are your PACEMAKERS]

    Boys who follow their inner trajectory to their goal.

    Everyone is afraid and insecure of being left behind.

    But if you walk along your own path,

    And if we light your path

    any path will be the right one.

    Find your own path, find your own strength


    Nine paths, one dream. 6th Mini Album [SUN SEEKER]

    This album, which sings about the hot youth of youth, sings about you, me, us, and each other's lIVEs. The album title, 'Sun Seeker', is filled with the message of passionate dreams. If the last album depicted the message of 'each piece coming together to create empathy', this time it is a story of youth finding the strength and individuality that only you can have and pursuing your dreams. This also means that CRAVITY, a group of nine members, respects everyone's individuality and supports each person's life. Everyone creates their own path, and they support each other along the way. A sprint for freedom, a rush of youthful energy. This is the new story of CRAVITY.

    'Ready or Not', an endless sprint toward youth

    The title track "Ready or Not" is a representatIVE song of the album that shows the pleasant energetic and young vibe characteristic of CRAVITY. It is an up-tempo and dynamic pop & rock song based on an addictIVE guitar riff. With a unique style that is both lighthearted and intense, the song sings about the infinite love of youth who wants to throw everything at it and win it. The cool melody and the members' individualized vocals are enough to convey the actIVE and enterprising cravity-style of love. In addition to the overwhelming performance that stimulates the emotions and senses, the carefully connected story setting is also worthy of being called KRAVITY's own style.

    The song's theme of youthful love is happily unfolded in the music video, which exudes a dynamic and sporty charm. It depicts the determination to carve out one's own unstructured path, while at the same time helping each other to complete each other's lIVEs. At any gIVEn moment of the day, somewhere in the world, we are the protagonists of our own lIVEs, and we can help each other lead them.

    KRAVITY's new album [SUN SEEKER], full of tireless youth and green youthful energy, will be a song for all youth who are constantly changing and trying new things.

    * Album Specifications

    - DUST JACKET : 221x298mm / Random 1 out of 9 types

    - PHOTO BOOK : 220x298mm / 76p. / 1 item

    - CD-R : 1 type

    - PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / Insert 1 random out of 9 types

    - POST CARD : 150X100mm / Insert 1 random type from 9 types

    - BOOKMARK : 55X100mm / Insert 1 random out of 9 types


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