CRAVITY - NEW WAVE (KIT Album) (4th Album)
    • CRAVITY - NEW WAVE (KIT Album) (4th Album)

    CRAVITY - NEW WAVE (KIT Album) (4th Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.09.28

    Format: Kihno

    Weight: 10


    CRAVITY - NEW WAVE (KIT Album) (4th Album)


    1. Boogie Woogie

    2. PARTY ROCK 

    3. New Addiction


    5. Colorful

    6. Knock Knock

    cravity 4th mini album [new wave]

    - CRAVITY's new album [NEW WAVE] will create a new wave of K-POP.

    - Signature track "PARTY ROCK" combines CRAVITY's confidence and power positive energy.

    - The members' first self-written songs. An album that captures KRAVITY's youth and growth

    CRAVITY, which has attracted the attention of global K-POP fans beyond Korea with its powerful performances and wide genre spectrum through its regular albums PART 1 and 2, begins a new beginning amidst the attention of fans. Their fourth mini album "NEW WAVE," a song of honest youth without exaggeration, captures the group's overflowing passion and perfect teamwork that has been drawing the attention and expectations of K-Pop fans as they continue their steady upward curve.

    [COME FIND US] "Please find the real us that you see. So that we can become the perfect one."

    The path the nine boys have traveled demands and longs for a new flow.

    Years of knocking on new doors and asking for answers, not knowing what lies beyond.

    We prayed for a bright light, but hope always came in high waves, testing our limits.

    The places we've walked to, never letting go of the hand that held ours and following the voice that called us.

    At the end of the line of sight, the sun is rising over the rippling sea.

    Beyond the horizon, where a new wave will begin.

    new world, new wave.

    Do you want to enjoy the real thing? We're Ready. 4TH MINI ALBUM [NEW WAVE]

    CRAVITY, who has been drawing a narrative of finding empathy in a new world, sings an honest 'youth' full of positive energy through this album. The feeling of knowing something even though it's too complicated to explain, the emotions listed in simple words, and the tantalizing youth felt in the process of gaining freedom. Expressed in KRAVITY's unique style that stimulates youthful emotions and senses at the same time, this album represents KRAVITY's growing maturity. In particular, the album features not only the lyrics of Serim and Allen, but also WooBin's first production song, showing his musical growth.

    'PARTY ROCK', the definitive title track of power positive energy

    The title track, "PARTY ROCK," is an exciting dance song in the pop/rock genre that combines elements of funk and EDM. The playful guitar, synth, and percussion sounds that make your shoulders shake are combined with KRAVITY's energetic vocals to create a powerful and refreshing sound.

    'PARTY ROCK' expresses the happiness of this moment, in this space we are together, with free and exciting energy, and has become a signature track of KRAVITY, capturing the bright energy that KRAVITY has without limits with its performance. We are no longer far away from each other, but together, we want to meet each other, look into each other's eyes, empathize with each other, and have the best time we will ever have on this stage together.

    The music video for "PARTY ROCK" depicts the moment when the boys' unbridled emotions explode. The bright energy that begins the moment they leave the same old routine and enter their own hideout. The story of enjoying music to the fullest while seeing each other and themselves in a new space, and the way KRAVITY moves into the only place where they can be free, is a perfect representation of the album's theme. It's time to discover your true self in 'me looking at cravity, us looking at cravity'.

    Having proven that they are more than just a rookie, KRAVITY's new album [NEW WAVE], which captures their youth and youthfulness in music, is sure to be more than a challenge for global fans who love K-POP, and more than a confirmation for KRAVITY.

    <Introduction to Kit Album

    Kit Album is a next-generation music album for smartphones that has the same album structure as a traditional CD album and can be run on smartphones by applying cutting-edge technology. With Kit Album, you can not only listen to music and enjoy various photos and videos of the artist, but also record, shoot, and share your own music videos using the Kit Studio feature provided by Kit Album. In addition, the fan cafe-type Kitter community inside the singer's album shares music videos, photos, and posts made by fans, creating a place of communication and empathy between fans and artists.

    The sales of all kit albums are counted in the Circle Chart and Hanter Chart.

    Vocal volume control is not available for this album.

    * Kit Specifications

    - ALBUM PACKAGE : 100 x 134 x 36 mm / 1 piece

    - AiR - KiT : 60 x 60 x 13 mm / 1 piece

    - TITLE & CREDIT CARD : 90 x 123 mm / 1 insert

    - POST CARD : 90 x 123 mm / 1 insert

    - PHOTOCARD : 85 x 119 mm / 24 inserts

    - MEMBER PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85 mm / 1 of 9 types randomly inserted


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