CRAVITY – EVERSHINE (PLE Version) (7th MIni Album)
    • CRAVITY – EVERSHINE (PLE Version) (7th MIni Album)

    CRAVITY – EVERSHINE (PLE Version) (7th MIni Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.02.27

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    CRAVITY – EVERSHINE (PLE Version) (7th MIni Album)


    1. C'est La Vie

    2. Love or Die*Title

    3. Cherry Blossom

    4. Mr.

    5. Worst Thriller

    6. Over & Over

    CRAVITY The 7th Mini Album [EVERSHINE]

    - CRAVITY's unique explosIVE youthful energy

    - The 7th Mini Album [EVERSHINE] depicting the shining present and future of CRAVITY

    - 'Love or Die', the challenging love of nine youths who are ready for death

    CRAVITY sings about their passionate youthful love. It's another youth story from the group that has been recording explosIVE growth, including the completion of their first world tour and their official debut in Japan. With their 7th mini album [EVERSHINE], which pours out their raw emotions as they are, they will imprint even more distinct colors.


    In the quiet of NIGHTFALL, the beauty of the AFTERGLOW revealed itself.

    A reminder that even in darkness, there's a promise of a brighter SUNRISE.

    The now that will shine forever, our future that will shine forever.

    The 7th story of CRAVITY sings the past, present, and future moments of youth. It is a continuation of the music that only KRAVITY can listen to, a stubborn choice that has consistently depicted various aspects of youth. If "SUN SEEKER" sang about the endless race toward youth, "EVERSHINE" focuses on the shining moments of all the days to come.

    It's a story about the beauty we encounter during the quietest hours before the sun rises, and the overwhelming emotion of seeing the sun shine and moving forward from a dark time to a bright future. The excitement of the music, the burning youthful energy, and the infinite growth story of Kravity bring this relatable youth story to life.

    'Love or Die', a trial in exchange for love. CRAVITY's defiant love

    The album's unique blend of rock, EDM, and other genres is the most powerful way to convey its message. It is enough to convey the emotions of exploding youth, the hottest and most brilliant moments of those years.

    The title track, "Love or Die," is a testament to CRAVITY's energetic vibe, with its fast-paced drum-and-bass rhythm that leaves a strong impression. The song's escalating mood makes you feel the strong will to 'love or die'. It is Cravity's signature style of giving everything to win love. The heart-pounding excitement and addictive vocal melody, combined with the members' confidence, are the highlights of the song.

    The members' journey in search of love is maximized through the music video. The message is that they have experienced countless moments of youth, setbacks, but have become stronger through the process and continue to challenge themselves endlessly.

    Love is about going through trials, changing emotions, and overcoming pain to welcome the new sun. This story is also the essence of the EVERSHINE story, which is about a new future, a new place to explore.

    By interweaving images of trials and hope, the members hope to convey the overwhelming feeling of a new beginning. It is the story of CRAVITY's vivid present and future.

    * Album Specifications

    - CASE : 28.5x48.7x7mm / Cover : 1 random out of 9 types

    - IMAGE CARD : 24x32x2.1mm / 1 type inserted

    - PHOTOCARD : 55x85mm / Insert 1 random out of 9 types


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