CLASS:y - Day & Night (META ALBUM) (2nd Mini Album)
    • CLASS:y - Day & Night (META ALBUM) (2nd Mini Album)

    CLASS:y - Day & Night (META ALBUM) (2nd Mini Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.10.26

    Format: PVC Card

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    CLASS:y - Day & Night (META ALBUM) (2nd Mini Album)


    1. Tick Tick Boom

    2. ZEALOUS

    CLASS:y(클라씨) Mini


    CLASS:y(클라씨) releases 2nd Mini Album 'Day&Night'

    -'Tick Tick Boom' 'Zealous' 2 title activity

    After their first mini album 'CLASS IS OVER' in May 2022, CLASS:y made a comeback with a more upgraded look in about 5 months.

    This time, Day&Night captures the birth process of becoming a singer CLASSY (Night ver.) from an ordinary student (Day ver.) before debut to a singer through each process. The two opposite concepts, Day & Night, will showcase the two sides of KLC's personality to convey the message that despite her flashy appearance on stage, she is always her fans' closest friend.

    "Tick Tick Boom" is an R&B dance style song that expresses her inner beauty by comparing her to a flower. With a minimalist sound and a catchy pop number, the song is designed to focus on her vocals.

    Another title track, "Z ealous," is a dance song that maximizes the diverse features of the seven members, with an addictive intro and a Bollywood feel. The explosive vocals and the adlibs in the second half of the song showcase the mysterious and powerful charm of the members, showing their maturity.

    As such, Tick Tick Boom emphasizes the vocal aspect of the song, while Zealous, which emphasizes the performance aspect of the song, was chosen as a two-title song to tap into the visual aspect of the song.

    With this album, CLARC will establish itself as a representative girl group of the fourth generation, not limited to one concept and genre, but with infinite possibilities.

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