CHEER UP OST (SBS TV Drama) (Nemo ver.)
    • CHEER UP OST (SBS TV Drama) (Nemo ver.)

    CHEER UP OST (SBS TV Drama) (Nemo ver.)


    Date: 2022.01.03

    Weight: 4


    CHEER UP OST (SBS TV Drama) (Nemo ver.)


    1 Shine

    2 고백


    4 지금을 사랑해

    5 오늘이야 (Good Day)

    6 높이

    7 참 아름다운 일

    8 데네브

    9 STEP

    10 높이 (together)

    11 오프닝

    12 오늘도 웃어보자

    13 해이는 알바중

    14 정우 해이 theme

    15 friends

    16 DEAL

    17 김칫국 마시지마 (comic medley)


    19 해이의 이별

    20 성춘향과 황진이

    21 눈물클럽

    22 CUTE 하니까

    23 무단침입


    25 속 시원하다

    26 ringing guitar


    28 사라진 소녀 (유민 theme)

    29 CHASE

    30 who?

    31 타카세

    32 진일 유민 theme

    33 Gloomy day

    34 밤 벤치

    35 lonely heart

    36 다행이야

    37 그리웠던 그 때

    38 빛나는 청춘아 (guitar by 적재)

    39 초희를 믿어요

    SBS Monday-Tuesday Drama 'Cheer Up' OST Special Album [Nemo ver.]

    Pre-sale starting December 12th!

    - From the OST composed of a lineup of famous artists to the BGM that added immersion to the drama!

    - The OST album is available in the form of an NFC card that can be recognized by a smartphone, and includes a set of famous scene photo cards, stickers, and exclusive videos!

    -January 3, 2023, official release at online and offline stores nationwide

    'Cheer Up' is a campus mystery loco about the hot and cold youth gathered in a college cheerleading squad.

    Rising stars Han Ji-hyun (Do Hae-yi), Bae In-hyuk (Park Jung-woo), Kim Hyun-jin (Jin Sun-ho), Jang Gyuri (Tae Cho-hee), and Lee Eun-sam (Joo Seon-ja), who have been recognized for their solid acting skills, joined forces to create a refreshing campus craze in the second half of 2022.

    This card-type special album is a compact album the size of a cassette tape, and is composed of various contents such as music, videos, and images on smartphones.A total of 39 songs from the drama's jewel OSTs to BGM were included, and in particular, a set of photo cards containing famous scenes and OST lyrics of 'Cheer Up', stickers with kitschy images of 'Cheer Up', and special videos that can only be found in the square album were included to increase the collectible value.

    It will be officially released at online and offline stores nationwide from January 3, 2023, and is expected to be the best gift for fans who are sad to let go of 'Cheer Up'.

    [Introduction to Nemo Album]

    The Nemo album is a card-type smart album that activates the album through the Nemoz app in an NFC. If you activate Nemo Album only once, it is registered in your account, and you can enjoy music, videos, and images. HQ images and exclusive contents will be included. The Nemoz also provide in multiple languages. without language barriers. For mor detailed instruction, please visit

    -1 cover

    -1 set of 9 photo cards (includes famous scenes + lyrics)

    -1 random NFC card out of 3 (contains a total of 39 OST songs, still images, and exclusive videos of the cast)

    -2 stickers


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